Brock Lesnar is reportedly a free agent

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract has expired, making him a free agent. Mike Johnson of reports that WWE and Lesnar have reached an impasse in their negotiations.

Powell’s POV: Obviously, this means Lesnar is free to sign with AEW, UFC, or anyone else. Jonny Fairplay and I discussed this development in today’s Live audio show, which can be heard here.



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  1. Well,
    Here comes that much anticipated Lesnarv.Ambrose/Moxley rematch from

  2. Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Lesnar is a slug. Good luck finding another company that will pay you top dollars to work only 3 shows per year.

    • Lesnar is a top 5 worker in the business and the best seller in wrestling today. He’s also one of the two best PPV draws in UFC history. He’s smart enough not to overexpose himself so his appearances still feel special.

      The business could use a lot more high quality part time guys like Lesnar to shake things up from time to time.

  3. i cant beleve im saying this but is two lesnar matches i would like to see. Lesnar vs Lashley (wwe or bellator dont care) and Lesnar vs Drew the rematch. we never got a proper match last time…
    I dont think he has anything to offer AEW, NJPW eg given one off matches is his forte and i cant think of one that would help those companies or that i would want to see more than the two i just mentioned.

  4. The contract issue may be real, but a part of me wonders if this is being done to eventually shift him back to Smackdown for a showdown with Reigns since he was last listed as a Raw wrestler.

  5. I honestly hope he never comes back to WWE. He costs way too much for minimal effort. He can’t even talk for himself. He just bobs back and forth with a dopey look on his face. I’m fine with part time superstars like Goldberg as long as they are reasonably paid, do their thing and get out of Dodge. I want my champ to be a fighting champ, not a couch potato for 362 days a year. As you can tell, I’m pretty serious about this. Lesnar is the anchor that holds the SS WWE from leaving shore. He is, and always will be, expensive dead weight.

    • So you don’t like Lesnar because he costs too much for minimal effort…but you are fine with Goldberg? *scratches head*

  6. I’m a massive Lesnar fan but even I started getting slightly annoyed at just the occasional 2 minute appearances now and then on raw.
    Yes he headlines PPV’s but he’s also help elevate other superstars. I would like to see him back on Raw or smackdown but until WWE get some new babyfaces to compete with him, I don’t see much point as it will just be the same old story featuring the usual suspects that he has already been in the ring with over and over again.

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