Mickie James expresses frustration over Monday’s WWE Raw match against Natalya, recalls resuming her feud with Trish Stratus in the Royal Rumble, accidentally winning a championship at a live event, what she hopes to accomplish during this run with WWE

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Ring The Belle interview with Mickie James
Interview available at Ring The Belle Youtube Page (or below)

Thoughts on the lackluster return match on WWE Raw: They broke the internet for all the wrong reasons. Nattie is badass. I felt like we’re gonna have a great match, we’re gonna kick butt. I felt like there’s some genuine magic to be made there and to have to tell a really great story. It’s just unfortunate that nobody saw it. You know, it’s bullshit. I’m hot about it, but I am grateful to be back. It’s just unfortunate.

Almost debuting with CM Punk as a team: He and I have definitely had that conversation a long time ago on a tour bus, just how ironic it was. Because I would say that it was before I left, and so he really hadn’t even reached his peak at that point. He was already getting, you know, super over in his own right. But think about how different our careers may have gone in our intro on Sunday Night Heat, who’s to say?

The massive reaction to her reunion with Trish Stratus at Royal Rumble 2018: You hope for those moments. You hope that people and the fans are going to remember and that they’re going to give you that same respect. Because you see it happen, and you see it happen for the guys all the time, and it’s so great. I still get chill bumps on reactions like that. But then for it to come to happen for us I think, it was like whoa, That was cool. It was like, ‘yeah we did our part.’

Accidentally winning the Women’s Championship on a live show: What happened in Paris. I don’t know if i should speak because there were three parts, four parts to this match including the referee. Five if we include Ricky Steamboat. It was obviously a triple threat match, and Melina was the champion. [Victoria] was out there and I made the cover, and the three-count happened. It was like the championship was not heard around the world. It is in the history books though because I demanded it.

Thoughts on the controversial Piggy James storyline: It was hard at the moment, and I think it was hard for everyone in order to do it. There would be times I was like, ‘oh I think this might be a little too far.’ But I will say the end goal was to get Michelle and Layla over as monster heels and as the big heels, and I think it was very successful in that retrospect. And I think that for a generation of people especially now with like speaking out and anti-bullying, it’s given people the power of their voice because words are so powerful.

What she wants to achieve in this run with WWE: I hope to remind [everyone] of who I am and why my name is Mickie James. And why I am the baddest bitch in the game. No, but seriously, I hope to remind them why I feel like I am the measuring stick.


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