Vince McMahon may not be finished with the XFL after all

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Vince McMahon appears to be taking steps to buy the XFL out of bankruptcy. Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic reports that XFL president Jeffrey Pollack has called venues in XFL host cities St. Louis and Seattle about reinstating lease agreements. Kaplan also reports that some XFL creditors believe McMahon is making moves to buy the league out of Delaware bankruptcy just over a month after the league filed bankruptcy on April 10. Kaplan reached out to a spokesman hired by the XFL, who responded, “The response to this filing will speak for itself.” Read more at

Powell’s POV: McMahon just won’t give up on his minor league football league. While the second coming of the league started well from a television viewership standpoint, the numbers declined as the season went on before the pandemic forced the XFL to end its season prematurely. The television competition would have become even tougher for the XFL had it been able to finish the season, as March Madness and other major sporting events were slated to run opposite the league. On the bright side, the XFL 2.0 was widely regarded as a better product than the original version that launched in 2001 and folded later the same year. Thanks to David Salchow for passing along the story. On a side note, I highly recommend The Athletic for sports fans. They have assembled a tremendous staff and deliver excellent content.

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