4/13 WWE Raw Results: Powell’s live review of Drew McIntyre and Becky Lynch appearances, Money in the Bank qualifying matches featuring Asuka vs. Ruby Riott, Kairi Sane vs. Nia Jax, and Sarah Logan vs. Shayna Baszler


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,403)
Live from Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired April 13, 2020 on USA Network

[Hour One] The Raw opening video started the show… Tom Phillips welcomed viewers to the show and touted the return of new WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. A video package recapped McIntyre defeating Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36. Phillips was joined on commentary by Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler…

Drew McIntyre made his entrance for an in-ring promo. McIntyre called for the cameraman to join him in the ring. McIntyre looked into the camera and thanked the fans for inviting him and the other wrestlers into their living rooms. McIntyre also spoke about the outpouring of support while noting that the internet can typically be pretty negative. McIntyre called it a lifelong dream and said it was surreal that he beat Brock Lesnar.

McIntyre set up footage of his win over Big Show that occurred 20 minutes after his win over Lesnar. McIntyre spoke over the footage and said Big Show made a big mistake when he telegraphed his knockout punch, which allowed him to duck it and hit his Claymore Kick finisher for the win. McIntyre said beating Lesnar and Big Show sets the tone for his title reign. He said that the wrestlers who deserve a title shot will get a title shot.

U.S. Champion Andrade’s entrance theme interrupted McIntyre. Andrade and Zelina Vega walked onto the stage together. Vega introduced Andrade as “the real champion of Raw.” McIntyre responded by saying, “And the crowd goes mild.” He said he knows exactly who Andrade is. Vega apologized for interrupting his rah-rah speech and said it sounded like something out of the movie Braveheart.

Vega congratulated McIntyre on having a pair of WrestleMania moments. She noted that an injury cost Andrade his chance for a WrestleMania moment. The focused shifted to Andrade defeating McIntyre in NXT. McIntyre said if Andrade wants a champion vs. champion match then he had it. Andrade spoke briefly and said no more Senior Nice Guy…

The broadcast team hyped the previously advertised Money in the Bank ladder match qualifiers. They also hyped Becky Lynch appearing later in the show… Backstage, Asuka was was getting ready for her match with Ruby Riott with Kairi Sane standing by… [C]

Powell’s POV: McIntyre continues to shine on the mic. Perhaps it will be addressed during the show, but it felt a little awkward for him to talk about being a fighting champion only to propose a non-title champion vs. champion match. On a side note, I’m sure he wants to be there, but I wish WWE officials would save 70 year-old Jerry Lawler from himself by not having him work Raw each week during the pandemic.

Phillips hyped McIntyre vs. Andrade as the show’s main event…

1. Asuka vs. Ruby Riott in a Women’s Money in the Bank match qualifier. Kairi Sane did not accompany Asuka to ringside. The MITB briefcase was hanging above the ring. Riott offered a handshake. Asuka laughed at her and tried to kick her hand away, but Riott went on the offensive. Asuka knocked Riott off the apron with her hip attack move. Asuka went to ringside and was thrown over the barricade. Asuka grabbed Riott’s head and pulled it into the barricade, then did her dance on top of the barricade heading into a break four minutes into the match. [C]

Asuka caught Riott with a running knee for a good near fall. Asuka went for her finisher, but Riott backed her into the corner to avoid it. Riott delivered a pair of running kicks and then threw a clothesline to the back of Asuka’s head before covering her for a two count. Riott went for a senton from the top rope, but Asuka tried and failed to put her in the Asuka Lock.

Riott performed a Flatliner for a near fall. Riott applied a submission hold. Asuka rolled onto Riott, who then countered into a pin attempt of her own. Asuka escaped the pin and applied the Asuka Lock for the submission win…

Asuka defeated Ruby Riott in 13:00 to qualify for the Money in the Bank match.

After the match, Charly Caruso entered the ring and asked Asuka if she agrees that she’s been more aggressive lately. Asuka yelled in Japanese a lot, then pointed at the briefcase, and said no one is ready for her…

Phillips hyped Aleister Black in action for after the break… An ad for Wednesday’s NXT television show hyped Charlotte Flair as the new NXT Women’s Champion and the start of the tournament that will crown the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion… [C]

Powell’s POV: A very nice match from Asuka and Riott. Money in the Bank is coming at the right time in terms of these qualifying matches providing some television matches that feel more meaningful than what we’ve been getting on WWE television lately.

MVP stood backstage next to a table with a bottle of champagne and in front of a monitor that featured the VIP Lounge logo. MVP announced Rey Mysterio vs. Murphy, Aleister Black vs. Austin Theory, and Apollo Crews vs. MVP in MITB qualifiers for the men’s match…

Powell’s POV: Mysterio and Murphy both missed WrestleMania due to illness, so it’s good to see that they are healthy enough to return. By the way, the Raw broadcast team are all seated together at a desk on the entrance ramp.

2. Aleister Black vs. Oney Lorcan. The broadcast team put over Lorcan’s work from NXT, NXT UK, and 205 Live. Black performed a moonsault from the middle rope onto a standing Lorcan, which led to a two count. When the wrestlers stood up, Black caught Lorcan with a kick that sent him to ringside at 2:45. [C]

Black and Lorcan traded strikes. Lorcan caught Black with an elbow and covered him. Lawler gave credit to Lorcan for using his real name (it’s not). Lawler assumed it was his real name while questioning who would make up the name Oney Lorcan. Black eventually came back with a leaping kick, then used his foot to elevate Locran’s head before putting him away with a Black Mass kick…

Aleister Black beat Oney Lorcan in 9:35.

After the match, Sarah Schreiber entered the ring and asked Black for his game plan in his match against Austin Theory next week. Black said his game plan is to win…

Saxton hyped Becky Lynch for after the break. A WWE Community video aired… [C]

Powell’s POV: A good, physical match. It’s strange seeing Black have longer and competitive matches with Apollo Crews (27 minutes) and Lorcan in back to back weeks. I actually hope they don’t stray from this approach next week, as I’m looking forward to the Black vs. Theory match. Is Theory now a Raw regular?

The broadcast team set up a recap of Becky Lynch defeating Shayna Baszler to retain the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 36…

[Hour Two] Lynch made her entrance and delivered an in-ring promo. Lynch said she wanted to clear up confusion for Baszler. She recalled telling her that it would be heart vs. skill, but it was a battle of the minds. She said a lot has been said about her being arrogant and letting her title reign go to her head, but maybe she just wanted Baszler to think that.

Lynch said the only one who can get close enough to the queen to destroy her is the joker. She said someone who was born to bully bill never beat someone who was born to survive everything. She spoke about the Money in the Bank match and said she has a plan. She sent the message to whoever wins and thinks they can beat her that she will shock the world one more time…

The broadcast team hyped the other two MITB qualifiers for later in the show…

Andrade and Zelina Vega were interviewed by Charly Caruso on the backstage interview set. Caruso asked Andrade if it was a concern that McIntyre was coming off such an impressive WrestleMania. Vega cut her off and said McIntyre had one great night, but Andrade has been defending his title “month after month after month against the best that WWE has to offer.” Vega also reminded her that the last time McIntyre was champion, Andrade dethroned him by becoming NXT Champion. Andrade also spoke briefly…

An ad for Smackdown hyped The Miz vs. Big E vs. Jey Uso in a Triple Threat match for the Smackdown Tag Titles, and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville meet face to face… [C]

The broadcast team touted that The Big Show Show finished its premiere week at No. 3 in the United States on Netflix…

Sarah Logan made her entrance. Backstage, Schreiber asked Baszler if she had any comment about the derogatory comments that Ronda Rousey made. Baszler stared at Schreiber for a few seconds before walking away…

3. Shayna Baszler vs. Sarah Logan in a Women’s Money in the Bank match qualifier. Baszler dropped Logan with an early forearm to the head, then mounted her and threw some punches at her face and body. Baszler stood up and stomped Logan’s arm. Logan sold the arm and the referee called for the bell.

Shayna Baszler defeated Sarah Logan via ref stoppage in 0:52 to qualify for the Money in the Bank match.

After the match, Baszler left the ring. WWE producer Adam Pearce came out and joined the referee in checking on Logan. Ring announcer Mike Rome said Logan was the winner. Saxton quickly assumed that Baszler should be named the winner because Logan was unable to continue the match. Baszler tossed a chair before storming backstage. Logan eventually left the ring while crying and holding the bad arm up…

Backstage, Seth Rollins stared off into space while saying that he lost to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania and his career has one again been crucified… [C]

Powell’s POV: I like the angle with Baszler, as it was a simple and effective way of making her look ruthless. I assume the ring announcer simply screwed up.

Coming out of the break. Phillips said it was a mistake made by the ring announcer and that Baszler won the match because Logan was unable to continue.

4. Austin Theory vs. Akira Tozawa. Vega sat in on commentary. The broadcast team acknowledged that Theory will be in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Title tournament. Vega praised Theory and said she has the best of the best on her team and he deserves to be on it.

Tozawa came up short on a kick that sent Theory to ringside. Tozawa performed a senton from the apron onto Theory at ringside. Back in the ring, Tozawa performed a missile dropkick and got a two count. Theory came back and hit his ATL (TKO) finisher and scored the pin.

Austin Theory defeated Akira Tozawa in 7:15.

After the match, Andrade and Angel Garza joined Theory in the ring and worked over Tozawa while Vega stood on the broadcast table and applauded. Andrade performed a Hammerlock DDT on Tozawa. The heel trio put their fists together and surveyed the damage…

Phillips hyped Charlotte Flair appearing during the show… [C]

Powell’s POV: I like the way they established the heel trio going into Andrade’s match with McIntyre later in the show. This didn’t help Tozawa going into the cruiserweight tournament, but it’s not like he’s among the tournament favorites that you’d expect to see protected.

The broadcast team spoke about a Total Bellas ad and noted that Daniel Bryan would be in a Money in the Bank qualifier on Friday’s Smackdown. They set up footage from the WWE Chronicle that focused on Drew McIntyre.

Powell’s POV: It’s nice that they are showing this footage, but where the hell was it heading into WrestleMania when we didn’t even hear from McIntyre on the go-home show?

Saxton hyped the champion vs. champion main event. Phillips played up next week’s men’s Money in the Bank match qualifiers and touted them as first time ever matches…

Rey Mysterio was interviewed on the backstage interview set by Caruso, who asked him what it would mean to finally become Mr. Money in the Bank for the first time. Mysterio recalled losing the championship when Kane cashed in the MITB contract and beat him. Mysterio said nobody knows better than he does that the contract is dangerous to the champion. Mysterio put over Murphy, but said he doesn’t want it as bad as he does… [C]

Seth Rollins was shown staring off into space. He said everyone needs something to have faith in. Rollins looked into the camera and said he is still here for you. “Your messiah has truly risen,” Rollins said…

5. Angel Garza vs. Tehuti Miles. Before the match, Garza came out with a rose in his mouth. He approached a female photographer, gave her the rose, and kissed her on the cheek. Garza dominated the match and won with his Wing Clipper finisher.

Angel Garza beat Tehuti Miles in 2:20.

After the match, Andrade and Austin Theory came out. Garza and Theory placed Miles on the ropes, then Andrade gave him the hammerlock DDT while Zelina Vega watched from the stage. Phillips noted that the same move led to Andrade beating McIntyre to win the NXT Championship…

Powell’s POV: Is the kiss receiving photographer really essential personnel? Anyway, this was a good spotlight match for Garza that didn’t overstay its welcome. WWE is doing a nice job of establishing the heel trio and I hope this goes beyond whatever they do in the main event. The Rollins promo was intriguing in that I assume he’ll be doing something that will back up his words.

Backstage, Kairi Sane and Asuka were interviewed by Schreiber on the interview set. Asuka said Ruby Riott wasn’t ready for her. Schreiber asked Sane about facing Nia Jax. Sane and Asuka spoke in Japanese and then laughed… Saxton hyped Sane vs. Jax as coming up after a break… [C]

McIntyre was interviewed by Caruso. McIntyre pointed out a scar on his arm and said he looks at it because it reminds him of what Andrade did that night. He said he doesn’t forgive or forget. McIntyre vowed to hurt and Claymore Kick his opponent. “And if he has to take six months off because of me then so be it,” McIntyre concluded… Kairi Sane made her entrance for her match.

[Hour Three] Nia Jax’s entrance opened the final hour…

6. Nia Jax vs. Kairi Sane in a Women’s Money in the Bank qualifier. Asuka was briefly shown watching the match on a backstage monitor while making a bunch of noise. Jax was dominant and tossed Sane around by her hair a couple times. Jax performed her Annihilator finisher (overhead press into a Samoan Drop) and scored the pin…

Nia Jax beat Kairi Sane in 2:40 to qualify for the Women’s Money in the Bank match.

Lawler hyped Charlotte Flair for after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: It was all Jax from bell to bell. Here’s hoping that Sane has a babyface turn coming. Sane is a natural babyface and I see her and Asuka being more valuable as singles wrestlers.

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair made her entrance dressed in non wrestling attire. Flair said it was time for a history lesson with the queen. She recalled winning the Royal Rumble and choosing to face Rhea Ripley. She said that Becky Lynch and Bayley didn’t step up to challenge her, but Ripley did and that grabbed her attention. Flair said that was ballsy and it reminds her of someone she knows.

Flair boasted that she is a two-time NXT Women’s Champion and it’s not because she beat Lynch “again” or Bayley for the “millionth time.” She said it’s because she beat The Next Big Thing and that made her the biggest thing. Flair said Vince McMahon knew she was the biggest thing last year and that’s why she was included in the main event of WrestleMania.

Flair said Ripley wants to be just like her, but she lacks humility. Flair said there are levels to this and there will always be someone faster, stronger, and better. “I’m going to remind NXT of humility,” Flair said. She noted that Io Shirai is next in line and while she had an amazing victory (in the ladder match), she will be teasing the lesson that everyone bows down to the queen…

Powell’s POV: A good promo from Flair, who is breaking out of the formula promos that she’d been cutting until recently. I just wonder how many Raw viewers are wondering who Io Shirai is. Here’s hoping that WWE intends to show them to help give the NXT standout more exposure.

The broadcast team stood on the stage and set up a recap of Aleister Black beating Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 36 following Lana’s advice to a frustrated Lashley. They also included the footage of Lashley saying he needs new management or a new wife. Phillips hyped Lashley as coming up after a break… [C]

The broadcast team touted Edge as the guest on Tuesday’s WWE Backstage and then recapped the Baszler vs. Logan angle…

7. Bobby Lashley (w/Lana) vs. No Way Jose. During the opening minute, Lashley went to ringside and asked Lana, “Will you please shut the hell up?” Lashley returned to the ring. Lana distracted him and he was rolled up by Jose for a two count. Lashley slammed Jose and followed up with a spear for the win.

Bobby Lashley defeated No Way Jose in 1:45.

After the match, Lashley and Lana went to the stage and held up their arms, but they didn’t look please with one another…

Backstage, Rollins addressed the non-believers by saying they have left him with no alternative. Rollins said he would stomp out all doubt…

Phillips hyped The Viking Raiders as coming up after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: Here’s hoping that the Rosebud Rejects that conga dance with Jose won’t be considered essential even after the world gets back to normal. Meanwhile, Rollins is running out of time, so he’ll either do his thing during the Viking Raiders segment or more likely during or after the main event. Is he be aligned with Vega’s crew?

The MITB qualifiers were once again advertised for next week’s show…

8. “The Viking Raiders” Erik and Ivar vs. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. Erik put Ricochet down and then knocked Alexander off the apron before tagging in Ivar. Ricochet and Alexander came back. Alexander took out Erik with a suicide dive, then Ricochet moonsaulted onto Ivar for a two count. Later, Ivar tossed Ricochet over the top rope onto Alexander at ringside. Ivar followed up with a suicide dive and let out a primal scream heading into a break around 4:05.

Alexander was isolated by the Viking Raiders. Alexander hit a Flatliner on Ivar and made a tag to Ricochet, who hit offensive moves on both Viking Raiders. Ricochet cleared Ivar from the ring and performed a springboard clothesline and a standing moonsault on Erik for a near fall. Erik avoided Alexander’s finisher and then blasted Ricochet with a knee to the head.

Ivar tagged in and hit power moves on both opponents. The Viking Raiders got a near fall on Alexander. Alexander threw kicks at both opponents, but then leapt into Erik, who caught him. Ivar performed a springboard move and the Viking Raiders had the pin, but Ricochet broke it up. The Viking Raiders hit a clunky version of their Viking Experience finisher on Alexander for the win…

The Viking Raiders beat Ricochet and Cedric Alexander in 13:20.

The broadcast team hyped the main event… [C]

Powell’s POV: I was actually waiting for an upset win. It seemed to make sense given that the pre-match hype focused only on the Viking Raiders with the idea being that it would come off as more of a surprise if Alexander and Ricochet won. Nevertheless, Alexander and Ricochet gained something in defeat.

The Street Profits were interviewed by Charly Caruso on the backstage interview set. Montez Ford said they did not come alone. Ford introduced his wife Bianca Belair as the EST of WWE. Caruso welcomed her and then said the Viking Raiders sent a clear message that they want to take the tag titles from them. Ford and Dawkins said they have a lot of respect for the Viking Raiders. Dawkins said they also respect old school vikings. Belair scolded them for playing around and noted that they get whooped whenever they get in the ring with the Viking Raiders. “So stop with the games and get that smoke,” Belair said…

Powell’s POV: As much as I’d prefer to see Belair stand alone, this was really good use of her. Hopefully it leads to the Street Profits dropping the campiness for a more serious approach permanently and not just during a match against the Viking Raiders.

9. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. U.S. Champion Andrade (w/Zelina Vega, Angel Garza, Austin Theory) in a non-title match. Vega jawed at McIntyre before the match. McIntyre asked Andrade if he was going to control her. The bell rang and Andrade hit McIntyre, who no-sold it and went on the offensive.

McIntyre sent Andrade to ringside with a kick in the corner and then followed him to the floor. McIntyre picked up Andrade and dropped him onto the barricade. McIntyre got caught jawing with Garza and Theory, allowing Andrade to grab his arm and pull him into the ring post. Andrade brought McIntyre back inside the ring and applied an armbar while hanging over the ropes as the broadcast team played up McIntyre’s old biceps injury.

McIntyre rallied with a clothesline. McIntyre put Andrade down with a boot to the face, then clotheslined him from the ropes. McIntyre set up for a Future Shock DDT, but Andrade avoided it and performed a spinning elbow. One of the heels at ringside grabbed McIntyre’s foot, which led to him backdropping Andrade onto Garza and Theory. Andrade caught McIntyre on the ropes and set up for his finisher, but McIntyre avoided it and performed an Alabama Slam. McIntyre did the countdown, then hit the Claymore Kick and scored the clean pin.

Drew McIntyre defeated Andrade in 5:35 in a non-title match.

After the match, Seth Rollins’ entrance music played. Garza chop blocked McIntyre’s leg. Rollins entered the ring and superkicked McIntyre, then followed up with a Stomp. Rollins looked down at the WWE Championship belt, then looked into the camera, and then looked back at McIntyre. Rollins performed a second Stomp on McIntyre and stared down at him to close the show…

Powell’s POV: The match was fine and McIntyre going over strong was the right move. I stand by my earlier take that they should have made this a title match to show that McIntyre is a fighting champion, especially since he won this match clean. The post match angle with Rollins likely sets up McIntyre vs. Rollins for Money in the Bank. There was no indication of him being aligned with Vega’s trio, but it will be interesting to see who is with him now that Rezar of AOP is sidelined with a torn biceps. Murphy is still an option, but I’m curious to see if Akam will be part of the act while his tag partner is injured.

Overall, this was a much improved effort from Raw. Last week’s show was painfully dull, whereas they did a much better job of filling the three hours while keeping things interesting. The MITB qualifying match format helped quite a bit and they can’t do that every week obviously, but even without those qualifiers this was a much better show. What did you think if Raw? Let me know in our weekly post show poll available via the main page. I will be back shortly with my same night audio review for Dot Net Members. Stay safe.


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  2. I really wish that Jerry Lawler wasn’t there. He could be commenting from home. He is higher risk and WWE should make special accommodations for him. He has done so much for them for so long. He should be treated like a king. Pun intended.

  3. Patrick Peralta April 13, 2020 @ 10:15 pm

    “but I’m curious to see if Akam will be part of the act while his tag partner is injured.”

    Unless Vince changes his mind I read one report that WWE keeping Akam off TV untill his partner returns from injury.

  4. I suspect that the mistaken announcement of Logan over Bazsler was deliberate. Something designed to subtly remind viewers this was live, and not pretaped, packaged and polished.

  5. So Seth Rollins lost to Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania…which makes him Drew’s next opponent for the title?

    How does that make any sense?

    I know it’ll never happen because Ole Man Vince thinks people don’t remember but I wish they’d act like wins and loses matter.

    I mean, if from a story line standpoint, the outcomes of the matches don’t matter….why should I ultimately care about any of the matches?

    Just my two cents…

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