Attorney representing Alberto El Patron and Paige releases police documents, attacks reporting

Keith McMahon, attorney for Alberto El Patron (Jose Rodriguez) and Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis), released documents on their alleged incident at the Orlando airport on July 9. McMahon states that the documents show there was no alcohol, drugs, or arrests. “No physical harm to one another, just an argument between a couple that others exploited,” McMahon wrote. Read his full statement and the documents at

Powell’s POV: McMahon also claimed that the “last month was marked by false reports by ‘untrained reporters’ not doing their due diligence.” For the record, we cited reports by TMZ and, and took quotes from Paige’s own Twitter page when covering this story. As of Wednesday, El Patron remained under indefinite suspension by Global Force Wrestling. Dutch Mantell stated in a conference call with the pro wrestling media that the company was still conducting an internal investigation on the matter.

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  1. Just FYI, if one website or news Outlet publishes a story from another website or news outlet that turns out to be false, it doesn’t exempt you from the fact that you published a false story. But nice try.

    • Exactly. It’s sad to see the soap opera and SJW approach that this site is taking more and more recently. I’m sure we’ll get Pruett and LaValle finding something to squawk about when the Mae Young Classic airs.

      • That line was written to point out that the so-called “untrained reporters” were in fact from mainstream outlets, not pro wrestling reporters. But keep being negative, guys.

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