11/27 AEW Dynamite TV results: Barnett’s live review of Chris Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky for the AEW Championship, Kenny Omega vs. Pac, Hangman Page vs. MJF for the AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring, Cody’s return


By Jake Barnett, ProWrestling.net Co-Senior Staffer (@barnettjake)

AEW Dynamite on TNT (Episode 9)
Aired live on November 27, 2019 from Chicago, Illinois at Sears Centre

The show opened with a band onstage. Soul Train Jones was in the ring, and everything was setup for Chris Jericho’s celebration. A photo of the inner circle was in the ring. Jones welcomed the crowd to the greatest night of TV in history. He then tried to tell a joke about The Goat, but flubbed it. He then brought out Chris Jericho. There were people in giant inflatable costumes at ringside. A couple of clowns, an egg, bull, a triceratops, etc. 

The crowd chanted a thank you at Jericho, who told them to sit down and shut up. He said this was Chris Jericho’s Thanksgiving Thank You Celebration for Le Champion. He said he didn’t need Thank You’s from people that don’t matter, he wants it from AEW management and the TNT Network. He told the crowd to look under their chairs for 50 cents off a Chris Jericho Le Champion T-Shirt. 

He was holding a bottle of Champagne, and it was branded at Jericho’s “Little Bit of the Bubbly”. It’s on sale now. It’s apparently grown in Nepal, known for its quality Champagne I’m sure. Jericho then brought out Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz, who were holding more booze and a gift basket. Guevara grabbed a microphone and called Jericho his brother and father figure. He thanked him and said he was excited.

He said they had all kinds of gifts for him, but thought he would like his gift the best. He brought out a cardboard stand of himself and Jericho hugging one another. They then embraced just like the photo. Santana and Ortiz had a bunch of small gifts from a bodega like Vick Vaporub and Chanclas. They also had a 40 in a paper bag, and gave him a bandana and inducted him as an official boriqua. 

Jericho asked where Jake Hager was, who brought a goat out that didn’t appear like it wanted to go in front of the loud audience. Hager said it was a female named Chris Jerigoat, and they quickly pulled away from it as it wasn’t working. Santana and Ortiz then pulled off the lid of the biggest gift, which ended up being Ted Irvine, Jericho’s Dad. He got booed for thinking he was in New York. Jericho reminded him they were in Chicago, and he talked about beating the Blackhawks and Bobby Hull. He said the Blackhawks are and always will be wimps. 

He then gave them all custom Rangers Jerseys, which got the crowd fired up even more. They had their nicknames on them. Jericho then revealed an official thank you statement from AEW and TNT. He was going to read it, but decided he didn’t want to, and made Justin Roberts do it for him. Jericho asked him where he was from, and he rattled off his Chicago Neighborhood and High School, which Jericho immediately said sucked. 

Roberts then read off the the flattering thank you document. Jericho didn’t like Robert’s tone, and then accosted him. He then slapped him and tore off his suit coat. We got boos, and then SCU made the save dressed as members of the marching band. Scorpio Sky ended up clearing Soul Train Jones from the ring with a clothesline. 

JR and Excalibur were on commentary, sans Tony Schiavone. They advertised Jericho vs. Sky, Cody Rhodes returning, Pac vs. Omega, and MJF vs. Hangman Page for later. They were eventually joined by a random third announcer Marco Solis Martinez. Dasha Fuentes was in the ring in substitution for Justin Roberts. Best Friends made their entrance with Orange Cassidy in a Turkey Suit. They were attacked from behind by the Lucha Bros, but they turned the tables. Orange Cassidy dove off the top onto the Lucha Bros on the outside.

1. Best Friends vs. Lucha Bros: They are having some audio issues with the ring mic, as we’re getting a lot of jostling over the TV speakers. The Lucha Bros took over early on and focused on attacking Trent…[c]

My Take: The audio issues were present during Jericho’s segment as well. Hopefully they get it resolved during the first commercial break. The opening segment was fun and well received by the crowd. They mostly went for cheap heat by attacking Chicago, but it worked as they were able to avoid the crowd cheering Jericho too much like they had in the past. SCU felt like a bit of an afterthought, but overall it was effective.

Lucha Bros were able to isolate and focus on Trent through the break. Chuck quickly made a tag after the show returned from commercial. Chuck applied a single leg crab on Pentagon, but Fenix quickly hit him with a superkick. Chuck fired back by suplexing Pentagon into Fenix in the corner, and then hit a splash on them when they tried to recover out on the floor. Trent tagged back into the match, but was quickly hit by a destroyer from Pentagon.

The Lucha Bros set up for a spike piledriver, but Orange Cassidy prevented it with some well timed interference. Pentagon pursued him on the floor, but Chuck took him out with a somersault splash on the floor. Trent reversed a Fenix Sunset Flip attempt, and turned it into the Crunchy.

Best Friends defeated Lucha Bros at 7:03

After the match, we saw the Women’s Rankings. Bea Priestley made her entrance for a tag match. She was followed by Emi Sakura. The babyface team of Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida. 

My Take: A match that was hurt by a long commercial break. I don’t mind Best Friends picking up key wind, but getting wins against the Lucha Bros at this point seems a bit sudden.

2. Bea Priestley and Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander: We saw some athletic prowess early on from Statlander, who showed off with a splash onto both Sakura and Priestley. The action spilled outside, where Shida played to the crowd and attempted to use a chair as a launchpad. She was stopped by Sakura, who sat in the chair and mocked her. This caused a brawl at ringside between the two heels and Shida. They got the better of her and brought her back in the ring to focus on isolating her from Statlander…[c]

Sakura applied a surfboard during the break. The ring mic issues still continue. Priestley maintained control of Shida. Eventually, Shida placed Priestley on the second turnbuckle, and then suplexed Sakura into her. Priestley fired back with a German Suplex. Shida then hit a high knee and tagged in Statlander. She cleaned house on both heels, and then hit the Oklahoma Roll on Sakura for a very close near fall. 

Sakura replied with a twisting facebuster. Priestley interfered and that allowed Sakura to hit a backbreaker on Statlander for another near fall. We then got all four women in the ring, with Shda and Statlander hitting power moves. Statlander hit a Michinoku Driver for another near fall. Priestley interfered again, which allowed Sakura to hit Statlander from behind with a mic stand. She was then able to pin her with a La Magistral roll up. She held the pin for long after the bell rang, and I have no idea why. 

Emi Sakura and Bea Priestley defeated Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander at 8:45

We got a backstage promo from Moxley. He called himself a wildfire burning across the country side, and said he was napalm death. He said he would get everyone eventually, but he wondered if anyone wanted to get him before got them first. Moxley said they were welcome to be a hero, or get seriously hurt trying…[c]

My Take: That women’s tag match was a bit of a mess, in my opinion. The finish didn’t come across well, and there were chemistry issues throughout the match prevented it from reaching the next level. It felt like match between 4 women that were not particularly comfortable working together.

Cody Rhodes made his full Messiah entrance. There were flames and pyro. His opponent, Matt Knicks, was already in the ring. 

3. Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Knicks: After some mat wrestling, Cody hit a Cutter off the middle rope. He then applied a Figure Four and got the tap out victory. 

Cody Rhodes defeated Matt Knicks at 1:13

After the match, Cody Rhodes grabbed a mic and told MJF they could do this right here and not. We got the debut of The Butcher and The Blade, who hit some double team suplex offense on Cody. They entered through the ring. Allie was then brought through the ring, and she will apparently be their manager…[c]

My Take: That debut might have been the first time an AEW didn’t quite know how to react. Pretty quiet. Honestly, I feel the same way. Attacking Cody makes me think this was supposed to feel like a big deal, and it just didn’t.

Video was shown of Pac defeating Kenny Omega as he made his entrance. Kenny then made his own. 

4. Kenny Omega vs. Pac: They shoved each other as JR flailed around on commentary trying to tie the match to College Football. We got a snap dragon suplex and a spinebuster bomb from Kenny for a 2 count. Pac rolled to the floor and Kenny followed with a somersault dive to the floor. Back in the ring, we got another snap dragon suplex. They teased doing suplex out to the floor, but back fought out of it and hit a moonsault on Omega out on the floor…[c]

Pac controlled the action during the break, and kept Omega grounded in the ring. Both men will traded strikes, and Kenny sent Pac hard into the corner with a thrust kick. Pac looked like he might have hit his head in the ring ropes. Pac hit a Polish Hammer believe it or not, and then a Fisherman’s buster for a near fall. Both men traded kicks and knees, with Pac finally ending the exchange with a huge lariat. 

Pac then hit a huge avalanche Falcon Arrow from the top rope for a close near fall. He climbed back up top for a black arrow, but Kenny got out of the way. Omega then replied with a V-Trigger Knee. He went for the One Winged Angel, but Pac escaped. We then got a series of pinfall reversals, and Kenny got the win with a crucifix. 

Kenny Omega defeated Pac at 12:04

Omega celebrated after the match. The announce team then introduced some footage from the Battle Royal last week. After the video, MJF made his entrance with Wardlow. We got picture in picture promo from MJF, who said the $45k ring didn’t belong on some hick, it belonged to someone who is better than you. He was followed by Hangman Page. Page said he’s not much for Jewelry, so he’d take the ring and shove it up his ass. 

My Take: Pac and Kenny put on a great match, as you’d expect. I liked the finish leaving the door open for a rubber match, and Kenny got a much needed win. Hopefully he drops some of the goof troop stuff from his gimmick and starts ascending towards a title shot. 

5. Hangman Page vs. MJF: Page cleared the ring of MJF immediately. He was set to dive to the outside, but Warlow got in the way. He followed to the floor and tossed MJF into the barricade. He then tossed MJF back into the ring…[c]

After some interference from Wardlow, MJF took control. We got picture in picture for a bit, but then the commercials went full screen. Page was back in control as the show returned. He sent MJF to the floor again and hit a suicide dive. He then hit a moonsault to the floor. He set up for a Buckshot Lariat, but MJF pulled the ref into his path. Page entered the ring and went after him, but MJF poked him in the eye.

Page hit a discus lariat for a two count. He then hit a buckshot lariat a moment later, but Wardlow pulled his leg into the rope to break up the count. Page protested, but the ref didn’t see it. He then went to accost Wardlow, but got blasted with a right hand. MJF then hit the shittiest CrossRhodes of all time to get the win. 

MJF defeated Hangman Page at 7:12

DDP then made his entrance to present the ring to MJF. Page introduced himself and soaked in some chants. He said he was here to present the very first Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF, which got big time boos. DDP said MJF’s actions had been very very disappointing to him. He got in his face, and told him for tonight, he’s the man. Page called himself the bigger man, and said he would congratulate himself like a man. He offered him his hand, and MJF put his gum in it. 

DDP got in his face, and Wardlow intervened. DDJ threatened to kick his ass all over the streets of Chicago. Ref’s got involved and separated all three men. 

My Take: A decent match between Page and MJF, but nothing you’re still going to be thinking about tomorrow. The crowd enjoyed the post match stuff with DDP, but I think they really wanted to see a Diamond Cutter but never got one. Maybe that comes later. 

Dustin Rhodes was in the ring with Jen Decker. He said Hager broke his arm, and now he was out for his blood. He said he’s not the same man he used to be, and crossed his arm across his chest. Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz ran down and beat down Dustin. The Bucks then ran down to make the save. They then set up all three members of the Inner Circle for Shattered Dreams, and kicked them all in the balls. 

We then got a follow up video with the Dark Order from last week. They promised a bunch of schlubs purpose in life, and said they are everyone and everything, and they are one. The lights flickered and everyone but the new recruit was wearing a creeper mask. They asked him if he was ready to pledge to the Dark Order…[c]

My Take: It didn’t seem like they had much of an interview planned there, as Dustin got out his first sentence before his eyes were darting around looking for the interference. I was surprised to see them get a measure of revenge on The Inner Circle at this point, it seemed like that could wait for later. The Dark Order continues to show promise, but not a lot of substance.

Scorpio Sky made his entrance, and checked in with a woman in ringside that I wasn’t familiar with. He was followed by Chris Jericho. Dasha made formal ring introductions.

6. Chris Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky for the AEW Championship: Seconds were banned from ringside for this match. The announce team said that if the match goes beyond the top of the hour, it would continue on Youtube or Social Media channels to cover for the announced 60 minute time limit. Jericho hit a couple of shoulder tackles, and Sky replied with a dropkick. Sky then clotheslined Jericho to the floor. He then hit a single leg dropkick on Jericho out on the floor. Sky hit a sunset flip back in the ring for a two count, followed by another kick. Jericho and Sky did some reversal chains in the corner, followed by Jericho hitting a springboard dropkick to Sky on the apron. He landed on the floor and the ref checked on him…[c]

Jericho contiued the assault on the floor, where he placed Sky under the barricade and launched his neck into it with a catapult. He then brought the action back into the ring and worked Sky with strikes. After a bit, Sky recovered with a suplex and a neckbreaker. He then hit a Thesz Press, and then another dropkick a moment later. Sky hit a springboard cutter and covered for a near fall. He then backed Jericho into the corner and landed some punches. Sky went for a dropkick from the second rope, but Jericho avoided it and applied a Liontamer.

Sky crawled for the ropes and eventually broke the hold. Jericho got in Aubrey Edwards face, which allowed Sky to hit another cutter, and transition into a dragon sleeper. Jake Hager made his presence felt, which let Jericho roll up Sky for a two count. We then got a double clothesline. Hager got mixed up with Daniels and Kazarian, which distracted the ref. Jericho went for a belt shot, but Sky avoided it and hit a TKO for a close near fall.

Sky was beside himself and didn’t immediately go back on offense. He pumped up the crowd up and hit a head scissors and an enziguri for another near fall. Jericho countered a flying nothing from the top rope into a Codebreaker for a near fall. He then went for a Judas Effect, but Sky countered into a backslide for near fall. We got a series of reversals, until Sky ended up back in the Liontamer for the tap out victory. 

Chris Jericho defeated Scorpio Sky at 12:55

After the match, Jericho celebrated for a moment, and then went back in the ring and applied a Liontamer. Moxley’s music hit, and he entered the arena from the concourse. He stared down Jericho, who mouthed that it had nothing to do with him. Jericho released the hold. Moxley cracked his knuckles and continued to stand in the crowd. They went back and forth between both men until they ran out of TV Time. 

My Take: Sky did well for himself in this match, but they Terry Funked him a bit by having Moxley immediately enter and steal the attention away from any character building that might have happened for him. This wasn’t an all time classic, but we didn see that Scorpio Sky has some real potential as a singles star. Hopefully we get some more character development in that direction in the future.


Readers Comments (4)

  1. Gotta admit I popped for Chris Jerigoat.

  2. Blade (Pepper Parks/Braxton Sutter) and Butcher (Andy Williams) have a chance to mean something if AEW books them right, but that debut didn’t work because they haven’t done much outside of their home base in Buffalo.

  3. Maybe the best episode of the show so far. A lot of the hokey BS was gone and we were left with mostly competent to good work all night long. The Japanese girls need to go back in Kenny’s basement, along with his terrible facials and selling. Trent needs to dump the two schleps and take a shot at being a singles star.

    Otherwise, this was actually good wrestling TV. If this version of AEW becomes the norm, then they’ve got a shot to outlast the (mostly) terrible first two months and really be something.

  4. For people wondering how AEW is continue with its wins and losses without burying talent, I think part of the answer was in the women’s tag match. Kris Statlander got plenty of chance to shine – I was impressed with her – but I thought it was very likely she’d take the pin. New talent will be broken in taking clean losses, so that the company’s stars can have decent W/L records. Honestly that guys like the Bucks have already lost so much makes me think they might be able to make this work.

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