NJPW Super J-Cup Night 2 results: The second round of the tournament

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NJPW Super J-Cup Night 2
San Francisco, California at San Francisco State University Student Life Events Center
Report by Dot Net reader Jared Lee

1. Jonathan Gresham beat Alex Coughlin. Good back and forth. Gresham won when they were trading roll ups. Coughlin got in his face afterwards.

2. Robbie Eagles over Clark Conners. Eagles targeted Conners’ knee. A speed vs. strength kind of match. Conners hit a spear for a two count. Eagles got a tap out with a leg hold.

3. Bushi beat Shota Umino. Somebody tried really hard to get a “let’s go shooter” chant. Dave Meltzer attended the event. Umino hit a top rope drop kick for two and then transitioned to an arm bar. Another wto count with a magistral cradle. Bushi won with MX.

4. Taiji Ishimori and Gedo beat Ren Narita and Karl Fredericks. The Bullet Club duo of Ishimori and Gedo were on offense for most of the match. Narita took a hot tag. There was a cool spot where Narita had a cloverleaf on Ishimori and Fredericks grabbed a single leg crab. Narita tapped to Ishimori’s LeBell Lock.

5. Amazing Red and Jushin Liger beat Rocky Romero and Yoh. A fun back and forth match. I didnt take a lot of notes because…well, it was Red and Liger. Red won with Code Red.

6. Caristico beat Soberano Jr in a quarterfinal tournament match. About 60/40 for Soberano. Outside dives from both guys. Caristico won with a top rope Spanish Fly.

7. El Phantasmo beat TJP in a quarterfinal tournament match. Almost heel vs heel, not a lot of love for TJP. Lots of dirty tricks from ELP, who used the ref to break up the TJP clutch and stole it with a rollup.

8. Dragon Lee defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in a quarterfinal tournament match. Fun comedy to begin. Lee trapped Taguchi with the apron. Taguchi tired himself out with a Warrior rope shake. Lee won with a running knee.

9. Will Ospreay defeated Sho in a quarterfinal tournament match. Strong start for Sho. There was some outside action where Ospreay went through the barrier. Cain Valesquez was in attendance watching the action. Sho caught Ospreay out of the OsCutter and gave him a German suplex. Sho fired up, Ospreay came back with another OsCutter for a two count. Cheeky nandos into an avalanche iconoclasm. More back and forth before Ospreay took it with a hidden blade and Stormbreaker.

NJPW announced they are returning to San Jose in November.

The tournament concludes today in Long Beach, California at Walter Pyramid. The semifinal matches are Caristico vs. Dragon Lee and Will Ospreay vs. El Phantasmo. Dot Net staffer Will Pruett is attending the show and will pass along his report.



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