8/6 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of a Six-Pack Challenge for a WWE Cruiserweight Championship match at SummerSlam, Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live on WWE Network
Streamed live on August 6, 2019 from Detroit, Michigan at Little Caesars Arena

The broadcast team was Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English… The show started off with general manager Drake Maverick saying that while he beat Mike Kanellis last week, he would hopefully not need to fight again. Drake Maverick said that he wouldn’t face Drew Gulak at SummerSlam and there would instead be a Six Pack Challenge main event to determine the challenger for the championship at SummerSlam…

1. Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado. The match started with the two luchadors circling each other and Dorado tripping Carrillo to try for a wrist lock, but Carrillo flipped out. Carrillo tried for a wrist lock of his own, but Dorado this time was able to knock him off.

The two then went back and forth trying for handspring maneuvers, they ended up exchanging arm-drags and then going for simultaneous kicks that ended in a stalemate. Dorado then whipped Carrillo out of the ring with an armdrag and hit a springboard cross body to the outside.

Dorado then used a double arm lock to ground Carrillo and drove his knee into his spine. Carrillo used an elbow to escape and tried for a roll up, but Dorado kicked out and dropkicked Carrillo to the ground. Dorado kept the pressure on, chopping Carrillo and trying for an Irish whip maneuver, but Carrillo reversed and managed to dropkick a seated Dorado to give himself some respite.

As Carrillo tried to build offense, Dorado hit some capoeira kicks to stun Carrillo and went to the top rope to hit a standing cross body on Carrillo. Dorado tried for a pinfall unsuccessfully and subsequently hit a gutbuster and tried for a top rope splash. Carrillo rolled out of the way and hit a springboard kick to get some life in the match.

The two luchadors brawled to the top rope with Dorado chopping Carrillo red to set up for a superplex. Carrillo reversed however, pushing Dorado onto the top rope and then dropkicking him out of the ring. Carrillo landed on the outside as well and as both men tried to get into the ring, Dorado whipped Carrillo off the apron, prompting the referee to call a double count-out.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado ended in a double countout.

After the match, in order to get the last word, Carrillo hit a tope on Gran Metalik and Dorado on the outside. We also saw backstage that Ariya Daivari was talking to Dorado after the match, saying that he could be the breakout star like the Seth Rollins to his Shield in the Lucha House Party. Dorado said he doesn’t believe the crap that comes out of Daivari’s mouth, so Daivari said that he should think about it…

Anish’s Thoughts: This match was fun while it lasted, Carrillo and Dorado had some interesting chemistry which I hope that we see more off. I will say that the ending of the match did not sit with the crowd well, they seemed to be into the match and then booed the result of the double countout, I think it may have served better for the show as a whole if either man got the victory.

Separate promos aired from Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher, Oney Lorcan, and Kalisto about the main event six pack challenge. Each man spoke about how they wanted to win the match. Nese guaranteed that he would walk out of SummerSlam as champion, and that if he did not, he doesn’t know where he stands in 205 Live…

2. Tony Nese vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Kalisto vs. Ariya Daivari vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher in a Six-Pack Challenge to earn a WWE Cruiserweight Championship shot at SummerSlam. Daivari kicked off the match by ducking out of the ring, however Tozawa hit him with a suicide dive immediately and brought him into the ring for everyone else to chop him and kick him. In a funny spot, Daivari tried to counter by hitting them all with a splash, but everyone got out of the way, prompting him to fall flat on his face.

After Daivari was disposed of, the rest of the wrestlers got into it, with Nese being the central focus in the ring, with everyone trying to get the best of him and Nese countering and tossing everyone to the outside before hitting a Fosbury flop on everybody. Jack Gallagher got up first and hit a dive with the umbrella on everyone.

Kalisto recovered from this first and he tried his own diver on the other competitors, however they caught him and slammed him through the announce table. Daivari and Lorcan then took the ring and brawled, with Lorcan hitting some running clotheslines and a blockbuster on Daivari. Lorcan couldn’t get the pinfall as Gallagher caught him in an Indian Deathlock while Nese used a Chancery and Tozawa used an Octopus stretch on Gallagher in a really interesting exchange.

Daivari broke it all up to huge boos, only to be met by a basement rana by Kalisto. Nese and Lorcan cleared the ring, allowing them to exchange kicks before Nese hit a sunset driver on Lorcan. Tozawa tried to interject, but Nese powerbombed him onto Lorcan. Gallagher interrupted before Nese could take advantage and the two fought to the top rope.

Nese stayed stuck in a tree of woe while Gallagher and Kalisto battled on the top rope, allowing Nese to hit a Spider Suplex on Gallagher who brought Kalisto down with a simultaneous Superplex as well. Ariya Daivari caught Kalisto with a splash from the other end and tried for a pinfall, but Kalisto kicked out again. Lorcan then eyed Daivari in the ring and these two went strike for strike, with Daviari managing to hit Lorcan with a Devil lock lariat.

Lorcan rolled to the outside, prompting Kalisto to hit Daivari with a Salida Del Sol, before Tozawa hit him with a Senton Bomb and Gallagher caught Tozawa with a headbutt. Gallagher then was thrust into the bottom corner by a Nese German suplex. Nese hit Gallagher with a running knee wash, however Lorcan caught Nese with the half and half suplex got the pinfall victory.

Oney Lorcan won a Six Pack Challenge to earn a WWE Cruiserweight Championship shot at SummerSlam.

Anish’s Thoughts: A really fun match. It felt a little more rushed than many of the other big multi man matches in 205 Live history, however it was still a good match with a clear sequence of events. Tony Nese cutting that promo before the match told me that he was going to play a big factor and I like that the early part of the match focused on everyone trying to beat him. After this, the rest of the cast got to shine as well, with everybody getting some cool spots in.

Lorcan getting the win made sense to me as well, as I feel he has been getting a relative push in recent weeks. And while I can foresee this match at SummerSlam being on the pre-show and going Gulak’s way, it should be a good one and Lorcan certainly earned it. Overall, this was an alright show with a cool main event, and while the opener was solid, I feel that the show might have flowed better had there been clean finishes all round.



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