7/1 WWE Raw Results: Powell’s review of the first show with Paul Heyman as executive director, Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley in a falls count anywhere match, Viking Raiders vs. New Day, the build to Extreme Rules continues

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw on the USA Network
Aired live on July 1, 2019 from Dallas, Texas at American Airlines Center

[Hour One] Raw opened with the broadcast team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Renee Young hyping Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch appearing, Viking Raiders vs. New Day, and rumors that Undertaker will appear…

Powell’s POV: There was no mention of Paul Heyman in the opening segment, so they are not playing up his executive director role on television thus far.

1. Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Cole played up that the pinfall could occur anywhere. Lashley caught Strowman with an early spear, causing Strowman to roll to ringside. Lashley followed and ran into a shoulder block.

Both men went for pins at ringside that resulted in two counts. Lashley clotheslined Strowman over the barricade and followed him into the crowd. Graves compared the match to a live action Godzilla movie. Lashley hit Strowman with a chair over the back several times, then covered him on the floor for a two count.

Strowman came back and got a running start and knocked Lashley down with a shoulder block, then covered him for another two count. They fought to the stage where Lashley suplexed Strowman and got a near fall. Strowman ended up spearing Lashley through the video wall on the stage and then a bunch of pyro shot off.

“Holy shit!” Graves said in an uncensored comment that was followed by the fans chanting the same thing. The stage went dark and crew members were shown spraying the area near the wrestlers with a fire extinguisher. The crowd chanted “this is awesome.” The broadcast team laid out. A long distance shot showed bunch of referees and men in suits arriving at the scene. EMTs showed up with stretchers. They held the shot for a minute or so before going to break… [C]

Braun Strowman fought Bobby Lashley to an apparent no-contest in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Powell’s POV: Those hoping that Paul Heyman being named executive director of Raw means they will be seeing ECW in 2019 are probably encouraged by what just happened. I wouldn’t get your hopes up for that if Heyman is truly in charge, as he’s always talked about doing something completely different. It is worth noting that this is what you’d probably do if you want to convince everyone that Heyman is in charge because he’s so synonymous with ECW. The “holy shit” from Graves plays into that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible that Heyman wanted a big stunt like this at the top of the show, but I just don’t think he wants to make Raw an ECW-like product in 2019. All of that said, it was an interesting angle and I liked about the match was that Lashley looked strong against Strowman. The pyro was a little over the top, but the angle was certainly an attention grabber. Will both men sell this or will the match simply continue at the hospital?

Cole was somber as they showed footage of Lashley and then Strowman being stretchered into ambulances. Graves was also somber and said something was definitely burning in the area where the wrestlers were located. After both men were taken away in ambulances, the broadcast team stood behind their desk and recapped footage of the stage stunt…

The Viking Raiders made their entrance for a match with Big E and Xavier Woods. The stage remained dark. Cole said they hope to have an update on Strowman and Lashley once the returned from the break… [C] An ad for Steve Austin’s new USA Network show aired…

2. “The Viking Raiders” Erik and Ivar vs. “New Day” Big E and Xavier Woods. The big screen and the two video screens that surround the entrance area were on again as the New Day duo made their entrances. Erik picked up Ivar and slammed him into Big E, who was seated in the corner. Big E came back with a belly to belly suplex. Samoa Joe showed up at ringside, pulled Woods to the floor, and locked him in the Coquina Clutch for the DQ finish.

New Day defeated The Viking Raiders by DQ in 2:40.

Kofi Kingston ran out to fight Joe. The Raiders sided with Joe… [C]

Powell’s POV: We know where this is going. It also seems like a sign that they are sticking with the Vince McMahon edict that matches can’t continue during commercial breaks? More importantly, I don’t like that the video wall is already operational again. It was a cool visual to see the Viking Raiders came out with a dark stage behind them and it would have been an attention grabber for those flipping channels if they had done the full show with that look. Instead, it already feels like things are back to normal.

3. Samoa Joe, Erik, and Ivar vs. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods. Cole said the match was made during the break. At 6:00, Erik caught Kingston with a knee to the face. E cleared him from the ring. After some rapid fire moves, Ivar performed a suicide dive onto Woods. Kingston caught Ivar with Trouble In Paradise to knock him off the apron. Joe applied the Coquina Clutch on Kingston and put him to sleep…

Samoa Joe, Erik, and Ivar defeated Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods in 7:15.

Powell’s POV: Joe needed this to look like a credible challenger after all the parity booking they’ve done with him in recent months. Kingston has been booked so strongly coming out of WrestleMania that he can absorb the loss. Well done.

The broadcast team hyped the Rollins and Lynch segment, then showed footage of R-Truth beating Drake Maverick at his wedding to win the 24/7 Championship…

Backstage, Maverick led his wife blindfolded backstage so he could surprise her with their honeymoon plans. He removed the blindfold and she was irate that he took her to Raw for their honeymoon. Maverick introduced her to Dana Brooke, then rushed her along. Maverick’s wife told him that he needs to decide between her and the 24/7 Championship. He hugged her and held onto her while glaring at R-Truth, who showed up with the title and told Maverick not to mind him. “I’m in the mood for love,” Truth sang…

Cole played up rumors of Undertaker appearing… [C]

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were talking backstage when AJ Styles entered the room. Gallows and Anderson gave Styles grief about nearly being beaten by Ricochet last week. Gallows said Anderson doesn’t think Styles can beat Ricochet for the title. Anderson confirmed it and said he’d put his hot Asian wife up for the bet. Styles accepted, then left the room. Anderson looked like he was having second thoughts…

Powell’s POV: AJ can always pass if he loses the bet, but it does seem odd that a guy they’ve positioned as a good family man while even showing his wife and daughter on camera in the past would be scripted to accept. While I’m hoping for a heel Club reunion, I can’t help but wonder if the plan is for Anderson and Gallows to prevent Styles from winning to set up a tag match against him and Ricochet.

No Way Jose and Cesaro were in the ring for a match. Maverick and his wife were shown in the front row. R-Truth laid on the barricade in front of Maverick while showing off his 24/7 Title. A group of wrestlers ran out and chased after Truth. After everyone cleared out, Cesaro attacked Jose and left him lying with a Neutralizer at ringside…

Backstage, Charly Caruso introduced NXT Tag Champions “The Street Profits” Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford and said they were making their Raw debuts. They delivered a promo and sang that they want the smoke…

Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon were shown walking backstage. Graves said they would address Undertaker… [C] The broadcast team recapped the Strowman and Lashley angle…

[Hour Two] Young said Strowman and Lashley are still at the medical facility being evaluated and they will provide further updates as they are available…

Sarah Schreiber essentially repeated what Young said about Strowman and Lashley, then introduced The Miz on the interview set. Miz said they put their bodies on the line and he wouldn’t wish what happened to Strowman and Lashley on anyone. Schreiber set up footage of Miz being beaten by Shane McMahon and Elias on Smackdown.

Schreiber asked Miz if he’s 100 percent going into a best of three falls rematch with Elias (good lord). Miz said Shane will need a replacement for Elias because he’ll make sure he goes back to playing for change in a subway. “As for Shane, well, I heard Undertaker might be here tonight,” Miz said…

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre made their entrance while the broadcast team hyped their Extreme Rules pay-per-view match against Undertaker and Roman Reigns. Shane had ring announcer Mike Rome deliver the “best in the world” introduction. It was rough, but Shane didn’t call him on it. Graves said it was embarrassing and Rome should leave that introduction to Greg Hamilton.

Shane claimed he had other responsibilities aside from gracing the fans with his presence. Shane had the production team air footage of them beating up Reigns in a handicap match before Undertaker showed up. Shane said he’s gone to war with Undertaker before and he’s looking forward to it. He said they would put the Big Dog and Phenom into the ground.

McIntyre said Undertaker is the greatest legend in WWE history and he’s struck fear into the hearts of every man he’s ever faced. McIntyre boasted that he’s not an ordinary man. He said he’s a hybrid of each generation and he doesn’t give a damn about Undertaker. McIntyre said he and Shane heard the rumors about Taker appearing, so he came dressed for a fight. McIntyre called for Taker to appear so that they could tell him that they are not afraid of him and will exterminate the legacy of Undertaker at Extreme Rules.

Thunder sound effects rumbled and the lights eventually went out. Two lighting bolt special effects hit the ring and there were clouds of smoke. Undertaker’s gong sounded and then he made his entrance. The heel duo went to ringside and hopped over the barricade.

Taker clarified that Reigns never asked him for his help. “That’s not who he is,” Taker said. “But if you need answers for the why, let me explain who I am. I am and have been the reaper of wayward souls for a long time. And I’m here to collect your souls.” Taker said Shane had his respect “a little for a while” and said that he gave him all he had when they met in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania and he actually lived to tell about it.

“But just like most mortal men, you feel victim to your own greed and ego,” Taker said. “You see, you may be the best in this world, but where I’m sending you to, you’ll be nothing more than another couple of lost souls suffering the torment and torture of that acrid stench of death. And that will be for all of eternity. You two will never rest in peace.” Taker dropped the mic and made his throat slash gesture and then his music played…

Lacey Evans was shown looking in a mirror while Baron Corbin spoke behind her. Corbin asked why Seth Rollins would put it all on the line and questioned, “Is she worth it?” Evans said The Man is more than just a persona, it’s become a movement. She said Becky Lynch will put it all in the hands of Rollins. She said The Man’s Man won’t be able to keep his eyes off her when she faces Natalya, and Lynch will realize that she never should have put her trust in him…

They cut back to Undertaker, who held up his fist while facing away from the audience on the stage…

Powell’s POV: I continue to wonder if this is WWE’s way of writing off Shane at least temporarily. The guy has been all over both television shows lately and it feels like he’s due to make his exit. Shane still has a lingering issue with The Miz, but it’s possible that Miz could play a part at Extreme Rules by preventing Shane from fleeing or something along those lines to get a measure of revenge before Shane leaves.

4. Lacey Evans (w/Baron Corbin) vs. Natalya. Cole emphasized that if one heel pins one of the babyfaces in the mixed tag match at Extreme Rules, the heels would win both the WWE Universal Championship and Raw Women’s Championship belts. Rollins and Lynch were shown watching the match on a backstage monitor. Evans dominated the match. Natalya came back, but Corbin tripped her as she was running the ropes. Evans blasted Natalya with the Woman’s Right and pinned her

Lacey Evans defeated Natalya in 3:30.

Powell’s POV: WWE wrestlers still have to turn their heads at an awkward angle to watch backstage monitors despite AEW pointing out the absurdity of it, but it looked a little less ridiculous than usual.

Caruso interviewed Ricochet and said Styles made it seem like he might not be at his level. Ricochet said it was an an honor to face Styles. Ricochet said he’d admit that he felt that if they faced one another again he could probably beat him.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson showed up. Anderson said Styles could have put him down in three minutes. Gallows said the real Styles (not one nursing an injury) has him beat from the get go. Ricochet reiterated that he thinks he could beat Styles. Gallows and Anderson said Ricochet isn’t in trouble with them, but he might be in trouble with someone else…

The Miz was shown walking backstage while Graves hyped the best of three falls match. Bray Wyatt’s buzzard puppet appeared behind Miz… [C]

Powell’s POV: Hey, I finally spotted one of the Bray Wyatt Easter Eggs as it happened. It’s a miracle! Granted, I’ve probably missed at least one other example tonight.

Gallows and Anderson stirred the pot with Styles, who said maybe he’d have a talk with Ricochet. Gallows questioned why he would have a talk with him when Ricochet is talking smack about him. Anderson said the Styles he knows from Japan would slap Ricochet across the face.

Styles walked around the corner where Ricochet was warming up. Styles told Ricochet he’s taking his title tonight. Ricochet said he didn’t know why Styles was all fired up but he accepts. Styles slapped him across the face. Ricochet returned the favor. Styles smiled and said, “This is gonna be good”…

5. The Miz vs. Elias in a best of three falls match. Miz’s entrance music interrupted Elias’s music. Cole said they would take a commercial break after the second fall of the match. Miz charged Elias and hit a Skull Crushing Finale and pinned him to win the first fall. Miz pinned Elias in 0:09 to go up 1-1.

The referee let Elias recover. Elias hit Drift Away and pinned Miz. Elias pinned Miz in 0:50 to even the falls at 1-1. [C]

Elias went for a high knee on the apron. Miz moved and Elias crashed into the post. In the ring, Miz applied the figure four, then bridged into Charlotte Flair’s figure eight and got the submission win in 3:40 of the third fall…

The Miz defeated Elias in a best of three falls match.

Charlie Caruso was shown talking with Rollins and Lynch on the interview set…

Powell’s POV: You know who wouldn’t book two falls in a best of three falls match to end by pinfall in just under a minute if he wasn’t answering to Vince McMahon? Paul Heyman. Sure, they’re going to take their time working toward the change. You know, because Paul Heyman isn’t immersed in the product. Whatever. Anyway, the implementation of Vince’s no wrestling during commercial breaks edict has been ridiculously bad. Why not use up the time the first two falls took by giving Elias a brief musical bit that Miz interrupts, then have a normal f—ing match after the commercial break? This so awful.

The broadcast team set up a recap of the Stomping Grounds main event…

Caruso interviewed Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch on the backstage interview set. Rollins said he wanted Braun and Bobby to know they are thinking of them and wished them a speedy recovery. Rollins balked at Caruso implying that he acted impulsively by agreeing to the winner take all scenario.

Lynch stammered awkwardly and implied that Rollins is impulsive. Rollins conceded that the stakes are raised. They both advised one another to lose the other’s title. Rollins started to say that maybe if Lynch listened to him from time to time. She shot him a look and he said maybe he got lucky. “Damn right you got lucky,” Lynch said before acting playful with him.

Maria Kanellis showed up and took exception of Rollins and Lynch calling themselves the first couple of WWE. Lynch said the never did. “Because you’re not,” Kanellis said. Maria said Lynch boasts about beating Ronda Rousey, while she pushed an eight-pound baby out of her uterus. Maria said Rollins doesn’t impress her. Mike Kanellis showed up. Maria said Rollins is only champion because her husband hasn’t had a chance to take it from him. “How about me and my bitch take on you and yours,” Maria said. Lynch got fired up and said they would pop both of their heads off on the spot. “Y’all done messed up,” Rollins said…

Powell’s POV: It’s nice to see Maria get some mic time on one of the main shows. She’s a great talker. I will concede that the “me and my bitch take on you and yours” sounds like something Heyman would have written back in the day. By the way, I continue to fear that playing up the Rollins and Lynch relationship could backfire. I realize that WWE wants viewers from all demographics, but my concern is that it will be a turnoff to their key 18-35 male demographic if they get too cute with it.

[Hour Three] The broadcast team recapped footage of the opening segment. Young said she doesn’t have confirmation, but Strowman may have suffered a ruptured spleen… Ring entrances for the mixed tag team match took place…

6. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs. Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis in a mixed tag match. Rollins performed an early buckle bomb on Mike, who tagged in Maria. She headed to ringside and took the mic. Maria took the mic and yelled at Mike, saying he assured her that he could mop the floor with Rollins, but she should have known better because he can’t even mop the floor at home.

Lynch was about to hit Maria, who yelled, “I’m pregnant.” Mike questioned how she could be pregnant. “How?” Maria asked. “I don’t know because I don’t think you’re man enough to get me pregnant.” Lynch put Mike in a Disarmer and forced him to tap.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch beat Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis in 3:30 in a mixed tag match.

After Rollins and Lynch left, Maria told Mike that she can’t believe he’s the father of her children. She said she’s waited for him to grow up and take responsibility. She said the only man in the ring was The Man. “Maybe next time I’ll ask Becky to impregnate me,” Maria said before storming away…

Powell’s POV: It’s as if WWE has my home bugged and is using my personal life as creative inspiration. Er, um, never mind. Hey, um, you never read this. I don’t want my lady to yell at me again.

Charly Caruso was shown looking uncomfortable. She started to say that she didn’t really know what to say when Paul Heyman arrived on the set and was cheered. Heyman introduced himself as the advocate for Brock Lesnar. He said it’s been a weird night for Seth Rollins and a bad night for Kofi Kingston, which might make it the perfect night for Lesnar to cash in the Money in the Bank contract. “Maybe Brock Lesnar’s here tonight, maybe not,” Heyman said.

The Street Profits showed up on the interview set and acted excited that Lesnar was in the arena. Heyman said he didn’t have time for this because he’s a busy man. They hollered for him to come back. They started the rock-a-bye-baby rhyme, then forgot the rest (intentionally) and made their exit…

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were shown walking together backstage… [C]

Alexa Bliss hosted “A Moment of Bliss” on the stage. Bliss mentioned Strowman and Lashley and said she was thinking of them. Bliss introduced Nikki Cross as her guest and played up how Cross won her a rematch for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Footage aired of Cross beating Bayley. Cross said Bliss was the first person to welcome her with open arms and she will always be grateful. Bliss said this was Nikki’s moment of bliss and she deserves it.

Carmella came out. Graves griped about interrupting The Goddess. Young wondered if he’d make an exception today. Graves told her to be quiet. Bliss asked Carmella if she was so desperate for attention that she had to ruin Nikki’s moment. Carmella said Cross gave Bliss a title match and wondered what Bliss gave her. Bliss said Carmella is just R-Truth’s sidekick. Carmella challenged her to go to the ring so she could kick her upside her head…

7. Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss (w/Nikki Cross). Bliss charged at Carmella, who stepped aside and rolled her up for the quick pin…

Carmella pinned Alexa Bliss in 0:06.

Powell’s POV: Old school television squash matches lasted longer than many of WWE’s television matches involving known talent do these days. Will they do a restart for a rematch after the break or was that it?

8. Nikki Cross (w/Alexa Bliss) vs. Carmella. Cole said the match was made during the break. Graves added that Bliss made the challenge for Cross. Nikki performed a swinging neckbreaker to score the clean pin…

Nikki Cross beat Carmella in 2:45.

AJ Styles was shown backstage while Cole hyped the U.S. Title match… [C] An ad for Smackdown hyped Kofi Kingston and Samoa Joe appearing live…

Powell’s POV: The followup match actually turned out well with the broadcast team playing up the idea that Cross did what Bliss failed to do. The dynamic between Bliss and Cross is probably my favorite WWE mid-card story going at the moment.

Sarah Schreiber approached Bliss and Cross. She asked Cross how she felt about the WWE Universe wanting her rather than Bliss to challenge Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules. Bliss said no comment and shoved the mic away…

Maverick and his wife were walking backstage with their luggage. He told her that she’s put up with a lot the last couple months and he wanted her to know that he was going to make the honeymoon great. She dismissed herself to freshen up. The usual suspects chased R-Truth past Maverick. Truth hid around the corner. After everyone else was gone, Maverick told Truth that he just wanted to go on his honeymoon. Maverick blindsided Truth with his suitcase and then pinned him to win the WWE 24/7 Title. When his wife showed up, Maverick told her that they can do the honeymoon 24/7…

The broadcast team set up a recap of Gallows and Anderson stirring the pot between Styles and Ricochet… Styles and Ricochet made their entrances for the U.S Title… [C]

Cole played up the show being in Dallas while artwork of the city was shown, then he set up footage from the movie Crawl

9. Ricochet vs. AJ Styles for the U.S. Championship. Ricochet performed an early flip dive onto Ricochet at ringside. Styles came back and performed a Phenomenal Forearm and scored the pin at 2:25 while Ricochet had his leg under the bottom rope. A second referee came out and spoke with the match referee. Cole questioned whether the finish would stand.

Powell’s POV: At this point, I’ll take an extra 60 seconds of commercials during each break if it means WWE will give up on not continuing matches during breaks or at least do a better job of implementing this Vince McMahon edict. It all seems so forced and fake.

Styles was shown talking with Gallows and Anderson at ringside. Cole said the match was being restarted because the official realized he made a mistake. Styles springboarded onto Ricochet at ringside and hit him with a Phenomenal Forearm. Styles brought Ricochet back inside the ring and performed a brainbuster for a two count. Styles performed a Rack Bomb for another two count at 2:50 of the restart.

A short time later, Ricochet dove at Styles from the ropes. They jockeyed for position and Ricochet ended up rolling Styles into a pin and getting the three count.

Ricochet pinned AJ Styles in 3:30 to retain the U.S. Championship.

After the match, Styles offered Ricochet a handshake in the middle of the ring. Ricochet accepted. Gallows and Anderson applauded from ringside and Graves wondered if they were mocking the scene. Ricochet was about to go after them, but Styles talked him down.

Styles blasted Ricochet with a punch that knocked him down, then Styles climbed onto him and punched him repeatedly. Gallows and Anderson entered the ring and performed a Magic Killer on Ricochet. Styles picked up Ricochet and punched him again. Gallows and Anderson brought Ricochet to Styles who was on the second rope. Styles performed a Styles Clash from the middle rope.

Styles, Gallows, and Anderson held up the “too sweet” hand sign, then Styles went back to working over Ricochet. Styles put his foot on Ricochet and posed. Cole recapped a replay of the key points of the angle. Graves wondered if the trip to Japan made Styles, Gallows, and Anderson realize who they are…

Powell’s POV: I like the end result of Styles, Gallows, and Anderson reuniting. It sure beats this leading to a tag team feud. It does seem a little odd that AJ’s big turn was targeting the U.S. Champion rather than the WWE Universal Champion, but I’m all for it if the plan is to make Ricochet with this program. They just need to deliver a strong full length match at the pay-per-view because they haven’t been given a chance to really wow viewers with a great match on Raw so far.

Overall, Raw started with a big angle and then drifted back into feeling like it was more of the same as the show went on. There were moments when you could point to what seemed like Paul Heyman’s influence, but I did not come away feeling like Raw is suddenly his show to run. Here’s hoping that changes in the weeks ahead, as this product needs a real shakeup and the worst of Vince McMahon’s ideas need to disappear. I’m not holding my breath. I will have more to say in my weekly same night audio review for members coming up later tonight.

Check below for the latest Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast with Jason Powell and Bruce Mitchell of PWTorch.com discussing WWE naming Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as executive directors of Raw and Smackdown, why Paul Levesque isn’t taking on a bigger role, AEW Fyter Fest, and much more.

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  1. Well they just assassinated Mike Kannelis on live TV. He’s 100% dead.

  2. Patrick Peralta July 1, 2019 @ 9:45 pm

    “but my concern is that it will be a turnoff to their key 18-35 male demographic”

    I wouldn’t worry Jason if done right that demographic of fans will be fine with them. After all the Original Couple of WWE Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth fans of all Demographics loved them.

    I don’t see that changing in this current day of Rollins and Lynch.

    • Savage and Liz was very different and done in a different era. And what about Vince’s recent booking suggests we should have confidence in him doing this right? Yes, Heyman, I know, but he answers to Vince.

  3. Patrick Peralta July 1, 2019 @ 9:48 pm

    ““Maybe next time I’ll ask Becky to impregnate me,” Maria said before storming away…”

    Yeah talk about a Miracle LMAO.

  4. Did anyone else notice that Drake left his suitcase in the hallway?

  5. Becky’s the hottest act in the business, so naturally they reduce her to the role of “girlfriend.” I didn’t like the verbal jab Heyman took at Rollins during the Brock promo a few weeks ago, and now we have this heat-killing angle. Women’s Revolution is right. It’s going to revolve full circle to female talent being props again because they don’t know how to write for them.

    Becky’s finishing move is a submission, Evans’ is a K.O. why not book a last man standing match for Extreme Rules, with Lynch the possible underdog, unable to use her submission, and at threat of being unable to make a ten count?

    • Write This Way July 2, 2019 @ 2:16 pm

      That’s a logical booking maneuver that gives the upstart heel challenger a perceived advantage and requires the red hot babyface to adapt and overcome.

      That’s not how Vince does things anymore, despite the fact that it pretty much sums up the Hogan opponent of the year for the early Wrestlemania days that made the company what it is.

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