Bully Ray issues a statement on the fan incident at Sunday’s ROH event

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Bully Ray issued a statement regarding the incident that occurred at the ROH event on Sunday in Portland, Oregon that resulted in security bringing a fan backstage to meet him after the fan had multiple verbal exchanges with The Allure trio. “And now the TRUTH…” Ray started. “I could not have been any nicer to said ‘fan.’ I NEVER threatened, intimidated, berated said ‘fan.’ I handled the situation the exact opposite way most would assume, with decorum. I even gave the fan a friendly pat on the back and told him to enjoy the show and ‘go be a fan.’ His response… ‘Thanks Bully.’ Fan version embellished to make fan look like a ‘victim.'” Read Ray’s full statement below.

Powell’s POV: Bully Ray stated that in retrospect the fan should have been ejected, and added that several fans who attended the weekend shows noted via social media that the fan “crossed the line” with multiple talents. ROH officials have noted that a 48-hour internal investigation will be conducted regarding the incident. The fan in question did not claim that Ray was rude to him, though I can understand how the fan would feel intimidated by being left alone in a room with Ray after insulting him and his girlfriend. So while it’s great that Ray kept his cool and spoke professionally to the fan, the issue for me is that security should have taken care of the problem on their own as opposed to bringing the fan backstage for the meeting with Bully Ray. I suspect that nothing will come of the investigation, but ROH officials would be wise to have security handle these types of situations going forward.

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