Cody on the AEW on TNT show length and whether it will air live, taking the show on the road, Dustin Rhodes possibly retiring after Double Or Nothing, the AEW Championship belt, heels and babyfaces

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Cody spoke with Chris Van Vliet regarding a variety of topics. The following are the highlights of the interview, which can be viewed in full below or via Van Vliet’s Youtube Page.

-Cody on when the AEW television show will air: “It’s really likely that the show is going to be two hours. That’s the sweet spot. In terms of the schedule, we’ll find out probably in the next few months for sure. And it will be in a great spot, to be on prime time on TNT, man, they’ve really set us up. And now you’ve got to go and the big thing we want to deliver is the bell to bell and the sports centric.”

-Cody on taking the show on the road: “We’re gonna go all around. This isn’t going to be something that’s stationary… This is a touring brand. We’re really, no pun intended, going all in on the concept of it. It’s so special because we’re not doing a live event system, so when we come we’re bringing our absolute best from match quality to star quality, boom.”

-On whether the AEW on TNT show will be live: “Two hours, live.”

-On whether the AEW Title belt will be shown at Double Or Nothing: “On Saturday, there is a chance that you might see the greatest world championship title that’s ever been created… I’m not guaranteeing it will be there Saturday. That was a wink.”

Cody on whether Dustin Rhodes will retire following their match at Double Or Nothing: “I would think this is his last match. I would think it is. It’s not been stated. We’re not putting some sort of like, element like that on it because that’s his decision and his world. One of the things about this match is that it’s really now or never.”

Cody on tweeting that there are no heels or babyfaces: What a dumb thing to tweet. I like fixed it like three times too and those tweets don’t matter, the one matters. I didn’t mean the construct of bad guys and good guys goes away, they exist in every form of storytelling… Good guys, bad guys, we’ll have all that. I just don’t use the term. And believe me, everyone around me, they use the term, so I still get it.”

Cody on making wins and losses matter in AEW: “When I read the press release that we put out from WarnerMedia coming to TNT, I felt like it was almost Trek, Trek babble. It came across as something that I think people got hung up on. Really, it’s just wins and losses will matter. There’s not going to be 50/50 booking. When you commit to something or somebody, we’re going to go forward with that.”

Powell’s POV: Finally, some real answers. AEW owner Tony Khan has been guarded in interviews in terms of commenting on some of the details that Cody divulged. In fairness, perhaps Khan will be more forthcoming now that the TNT deal has been made. This is a good interview and worth taking the time to watch from start to finish since Cody and Chris covered a lot of ground.

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