4/28 NXT in St. Paul, Minnesota results: Velveteen Dream vs. Adam Cole for the NXT North American Championship, Shayna Baszler vs. Mia Yim for the NXT Women’s Championship, Kona Reeves vs. Tyler Breeze, Punishment Martinez vs. Shane Thorne


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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NXT Live Event
St. Paul, Minnesota at Roy Wilkins Auditorium
Report by Dot Net Member Nathan Timm

Alisha Taylor was the host. The upper level’s first four rows were full. I was in the upper level across from stage, and my area was a little fuller. The lower level full around ring is full, but behind that is less than half full.

1. “The Forgotten Sons” Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake beat Street Profits. The Sons won after reversing a top rope crosdbody into a pin.

Velveteen sang a Prince song in a promo that was recorded earlier in the day.

2. Punishment Martinez beat Shane Thorne. Martinez used his old name rather than his new one. Martinez wins with his finisher.

Riddick Moss came out and was booed for saying that he’s from Edina (a wealthy suburb of the Twin Cities). Riddick ripped on the Minnesota Vikings and a Skol chant started.

3. Eric Bugenhagen beat Riddick Moss. Bugenhagen won with rollup out of nowhere. Moss got the mic again and said we were a worse crowd than Wisconsin was.

A Rachel Evers pre-tape was shown. Paul Ellering is here, but he did not come to the ring.

4. Rachel Evers and Io Shirai defeated Vanessa Borne and Aliyah. Evers won with extended Blackhole Slam. Evers cut a post match promo thanking us. Paul ended up at ringside and got a hug from his daughter.

A Denzel Dejournette pre-tape aired on the big screen. It’s his birthday.

5. Jaxson (w/Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake) beat Denzel Dejournette. Ryker won with a two-handed chop. A horrible match. A beatdown brought out the Street Profits out. The beatdown continued until Bugenhagen made the save. Denzel hits People’s Elbow on Ryker and the Sons retreated.

Intermission. This has been a very mediocre show.

6. Tyler Breeze defeated Kona Reeves. A guy behind me flipped out over Breeze. Breeze was more over than anyone so far and its not close.

7. Shayna Baszler defeated Mia Yim to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. Baszler retained by using her submission hold. This was the longest and best match so far. That’s not saying much though. Yim got in more offense than I expected.

8. Velveteen Dream defeated Adam Cole to retain the NXT North American Championship. Jeremy Borash appeared at ringside for the first time all night. There was a cool spot when Dream came off the top to the outside and ate a superkick from Cole. In the end, Dream won with a very sloppy elbow from the top rope. Dream may have slipped.

The main event easily best match. An awful show otherwise. The lack of star power really hurt.

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