1/26 ROH Road To G1 Supercard in San Antonio results: Tag Wars finals, Marty Scurll vs. Mark Haskins, Kelly Klein vs. Sumie Sakai for the WOH Championship, The Kingdom vs. Dalton Castle and The Boys for the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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ROH Road To G1 Supercard
San Antonio, Texas at Austin Highway Event Center
Streamed live on HonorClub

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary. The Tag Wars graphic appeared and listed the two three-way matches that will set up the finals of Tag Wars. They also ran through the card…

1. Cheeseburger, Eli Isom, and Ryan Nova defeated Clark Conners, Karl Fredericks, and Alex Coughlin. The young lions put the ROH trio in simultaneous Boston Crabs in a fun spot. Legal man Isom reached the ropes to break the hold. Isom performed a brainbuster on Fredericks and scored the pin.

The Kingdom came out and delivered a promo. Matt Taven mockingly praised “the powder puff boys” on their victory. Isom, Cheeseburger, and Nova returned to the ring. Taven told them that they would defend their six-man tag titles against them someday. Taven played to the crowd and asked if they wanted to see the match. Taven said they will defend the titles whenever they feel like it. The Kingdom attacked the babyface trio and quickly tossed them to ringside.

Dalton Castle and The Boys made their entrance. Castle told the Kingdom that what they did was “not very nice.” Castle said the people want to see a six-man tag title match and cut a long promo that led to a title match…

2. “The Kingdom” Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, and Vinny Marseglia defeated Dalton Castle and The Boys to retain the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles. Late in the match, Castle did the bit where he throws the Boys over the top rope onto their opponents. One of the Boys ended up on the top rope a short time later and mistakenly hit Castle, thinking he was one of the Kingdom members. The Kingdom hit House of 1,000 Horses on Castle and pinned him. The broadcast team played up the surprise of Castle losing again.

3. Tracy Williams (w/Tenille Dashwood) defeated Rhett Titus. Titus did his bodybuilder gimmick and posed in front of Dashwood at ringside. He put his hand on her and she shoved him down. Titus got up and was upset, but Williams caught him with a knee off the apron. Back inside the ring, Williams turned Titus inside out with a clothesline and then applied a crossface for the submission win.

4. PCO & Brody King defeated MVP & Kenny King and Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas to advance to the Tag Wars finals. Late in the match, Bruiser performed a dive onto some of his opponents at ringside. Milonas caught PCO on the ropes. MVP and King slammed Milonas from the ropes. King dove onto PCO at ringside. MVP performed his Ballin’ elbow drop on Milonas and then suplexed him. King took out MVP with a clothesline that resulted in both men going to ringside. PCO performed a top rope moonsault on Bruiser and pinned him.

5. Juice Robinson & David Finlay defeated “Coast 2 Coast” Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali and Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham to advance to the Tag Wars finals. Ali performed a flip dive onto a group of opponents on the floor. St. Giovanni went up top and was shoved to the floor by Robinson, who then teamed up with Finlay for a flapjack on Ali. A short time later, Finlay pinned Ali. The teams shook hands afterward.

6. Kelly Klein defeated Sumie Sakai to retain the Women of Honor Championship. Sakai dove onto Klein’s team members at ringside. She got a near fall off a fisherman’s buster suplex. Cabana called out Sakai for taking too much time in between moves. The men at ringside caused a distraction and Klein regained offensive control and picked up a couple of near falls, including one off her K Power finisher. Sakai performed her Smashmouth finisher and got a near fall. Sakai went to the ropes and was caught by Klein, who performed Super K Power. Riccaboni and Cabana both questioned why she didn’t go for a pin. Klein applied a submission hold and referee Todd Sinclair called for the bell. After the match, Klein shook the limp hand of Sakai and left the ring.

Twisted Sisterz came out and performed a double powerbomb on Sakai. The Sisterz cut a promo while hovering over the fallen Sakai. They said they were putting her and the other women of honor on notice. After the Sisterz left, Cabana carried Sakai to the back.

7. ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb and NWA National Champion Willie Mack beat Silas Young and Shane Taylor by DQ. Joe Galli joined Riccaboni on commentary. Riccaboni noted that a fan wanted Cobb to suplex Young into Mexico. Galli noted that they were about 120 miles away from the Mexican border “despite what our President might think about that.” Funny, but for Galli’s sake, let’s hope SBG executives aren’t paying attention. Late in the match, Cobb was the bottom man on a tower of doom spot that left all four men down. Bully Ray ran in and barked at referee Todd Sinclair and told him to reverse the decision of his I Quit match with Flip Gordon. Cobb spun Ray around and they jawed at one another. Cobb took his straps down, but Young low blowed Cobb. Sinclair left the ring and apparently called for the bell. Ray barked at fans at ringside and then picked up the title belts and tossed them into the ring.

Cabana replaced Galli on commentary. He said Sakai suffered a concussion and was being taken to a local medical facility.

8. Bandido defeated Rocky Romero. Riccaboni said Romero will get an ROH TV Title shot in Miami (he earned it by winning a Proving Ground match). Bandido was still selling the back injury and came out wearing a wrap. He removed the wrap late and then performed a cool German suplex into a bridge for the win. The fans were hot for Bandido and chanted his name afterward. Bandido and Romero shook hands and hugged afterward.

The broadcast team spoke and Riccaboni noted that Lifeblood was 3-0 on the night. Riccaboni noted that the last two matches feature Lifeblood vs. Villain Enterprises.

9. Marty Scurll defeated Mark Haskins. Scurll did the finger break spot late. Haskins came back with a Sharpshooter, but Scurll reached the ropes to break it. Haskins came right back with a top rope double stomp for a near fall. Haskins went for an arm submission, which Scurll attempted to counter into a chicken wing. Haskins avoided it and performed a falcon arrow for two. There was a sequence of pin attempts and counters by both men, and Scurll ended up getting the three count. Haskins showed disappointment. Scurll and Haskins met in the middle of the ring and ended up hugging one another.

Riccaboni and Cabana spoke about the Florida shows on February 9-10. They set up a video package on Rush, who will appear at both shows. Kelly Klein came out and said she wants to face Mayu Iwatani in Miami.

10. PCO and Brody King defeated Juice Robinson and David Finlay to win Tag Wars. Tenille Dashwood sat in on commentary. Late in the match, Robinson put his knees up when PCO went for a top rope splash. PCO came right back and chopped and headbutted both opponents and eventually clotheslined them to ringside. King backdropped a running PCO onto Robinson and Finlay at ringside. There were some technical issues and the ROH graphic appeared briefly. King performed the Gonzo Bomb on Finlay and pinned him. Dashwood said she was proud of her Lifeblood mates for fighting for their lives.

Cabana noted that PCO and King will challenge for the ROH Tag Titles at the anniversary show in Las Vegas (they will also be in the Crockett Cup). PCO and King didn’t shake hands afterward. The Briscoes came out and fought with PCO and King. Riccaboni said they would stick with the action as long as they could on HonorClub. Jay Briscoe threw a chair at the head of PCO twice. Mark Briscoe threw a chair at the head of King. The Briscoes set up a table at ringside. Jay put PCO on the table and then Mark performed Froggy Bow from the top rope and drove PCO through it. PCO shot up. “He’s alive!” Riccaboni said. The brawl continued and security came out to try to separate the teams. PCO encouraged Mark to throw a chair at his head. Mark obliged and it was no-sold by PCO, who returned the favor. The chair throwing at the heads continued along with the brawl as the show went off the air.

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