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John Cena on balancing WWE with his acting career

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

John Cena spoke with ESPN to promote his Bumblebee movie and was asked about his WWE career. “Anything that you rely on your body for an end result, time is going to catch up with you,” Cena said. “So there is going to come a point when I can no longer keep up with the pace. I made a promise to myself years ago, years before I ever found my passion for being onscreen, when I can’t keep up with the pace, I gotta walk away. I don’t want to take a ticket buyer’s money and have them sit down and be like, “Eh, he’s just hanging on.’ I don’t ever want that feeling. So I don’t think that correlates with what I’m doing now.”

Cena also noted that he’s not allowed to wrestle while in production. “Once you’re in production for a movie, they don’t allow you to wrestle,” he said. “Because I can’t go to a WWE taping and have my nose put over here… Not only does it not look good, and, ‘man, you don’t look right.’ So then they shut the movie down and then there’s a 150 people that are expecting paychecks for that movie and I just screwed them out of their wage. And it ups the budget of the movie, so I just put the movie behind the eight ball of possibly being a financial success, so as much as I want to do everything I can’t.” Watch the full interview below or on the ESPN Youtube Page.

Powell’s POV: Yes, Cena did acknowledge that he was “totally wrong and ignorant” when it came to calling out Dwayne Johnson for not returning to the ring while focusing on his own movie career. Cena also had some interesting comments about how he had to “turn himself way down” as an actor compared to how he acts in WWE. He also praised the New England Patriots and spoke about Rob Gronkowski’s upside as a pro wrestler. Cena also had some fun recalling when he threw out the first pitch at an LA Dodgers game.

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