Powell’s WWE Evolution 2018 Kickoff Show live notes

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Evolution 2018 Kickoff Show
Uniondale, New York at Nassau Coliseum
Aired live on October 28, 2018 on WWE Network and social media

-Renee Young hosted the show and was joined by the Paige and Beth Phoenix. Young noted that the doors to the venue had just opened…

-Charly Caruso interviewed Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks backstage. Sasha spoke about who excited she is, and Bliss spoke about working with Banks in Abu Dhabi. Banks said the Abu Dhabi match was bigger than wrestling. Banks said they are changing the game.

-After a video package, Michael Cole joined Young and the panel. Young introduced him as someone who has helped her career exponentially. Cole said he is honored and can’t say how important it is for him to be part of the broadcast.

-Caruso interviewed Trish Stratus, who spoke about how her generation laid the foundation and today’s generation built on top of that. She also spoke about how special it is to team with her friend Lita.

-Carmella joined the panel and spoke about how they are making history.

-Kayla Braxton interviewed Natalya on the red carpet event they are doing for the women as they arrive at the show. Natalya spoke about how everything the women from the past has led to now and she’s grateful they made it this point. She said Riott Squad isn’t used to being put in their place and she looks forward to doing that and tapping out a few girls.

-Paige was talking about how she looked up to Bull Nakano, Alundra Blayze, and Beth Phoenix when R-Truth showed up and said he looked forward to competing in the battle royal and facing Carmella for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Carmella informed him that she was not the women’s champion and he won’t be in the battle royal. They had a dance break.

-After a video package on the Mae Young Classic, Paige and Phoenix both predicted a win for Toni Storm over Io Shirai in the finals.

-At the red carpet event, Caruso interviewed Maria Menounos, who said it’s a big night for the women both past and present. Caruso asked her to pick the match she is most looking forward to. She said she was not going to pick because they all deserve the moment.

-Young set up a video package that focused on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H making the WWE Evolution announcement.

-After a video package, Young and the panel had a laugh over R-Truth and Carmella’s mom appearing together on the red carpet. Eve Torres joined the panel. She said it’s a little unreal. She recalled having heartbreaking moments of getting her hopes up for the division in the past and being let down so many times. Phoenix spoke about the men who stood beside the women and pulled for them.

-Braxton interviewed Stephanie McMahon on the red carpet. She said she woke up with tears in her eyes and goosebumps from head to toe. She said Evolution feels like WrestleMania. She spoke about how proud she is of the women and said it has taken any women who has ever stepped foot inside a wrestling ring in any promotion. Braxton noted the panel spoke about the men who stood behind the female wrestlers. Stephanie spoke about how her husband Paul Levesque recruited a lot of the women. She said she wants the women to steal the show and demand more.

-Nia Jax and Ata Johnson were interviewed by Caruso in the red carpet. Jax spoke about sharing the moment with her aunt, who has been in the business for 50 years and is seeing the first women’s pay-per-view. Ata spoke about how excited she is to be in attendance. Caruso asked Jax what is next for the women in WWE. “Whatever we want,” Jax said. “Women can do whatever they want and they will.”

-Young and the panel spoke about the NXT Women’s Championship match briefly.

-Caruso interviewed Ronda Rousey on the red carpet. Rousey said she looks forward to starting a family soon and wants her daughters to deal with less BS than she did. Rousey said Nikki Bella will leave the ring looking different than when she walked in. A video package focused on the Raw Women’s Championship match.

-Cole rejoined the panel and they all spoke about the Raw Women’s Championship. Phoenix said people are underestimating Nikki Bella. She said she’s been in the ring with her and she’s not just there to do the dance moves. Paige said the Bellas have evolved with the times. Cole said Rousey has to worry about Brie Bella being at ringside. All three of them predicted a Rousey win.

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