Renee Young on calling WWE Raw, how much she heard from Vince McMahon through her headset

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE released a video with Renee Young discussing her performance on the Raw broadcast team on Monday. “I’m sure I’ll watch it back and I might have blocked it out mentally for part of it, but but I feel really good about everything,” Young said. Check out the video below or at the WWE Youtube Page.

Powell’s POV: Young said she only heard from Vince McMahon once during the broadcast when he told her to slow down. She also spoke about Michael Cole’s feedback after the show and not so shockingly said her favorite moment of the night was the return of her husband Dean Ambrose. It’s very cool to see just how genuinely happy Young was coming out of the show.

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  1. She’s happy?! She should be us finally freed from the talents of “why use one word when 70000 said really slowly will do” Coach.
    She was as good as we knew she could be and even put Graves back to his NXT era self. Less bickering, more commentating.

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