7/23 Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Toronto, Ontario at Rebel Complex
Report by Dot Net reader MrEddyG

There was a video for Kids Up Front, a local group helping underprivileged youths. There was also a moment of silence for the victims of the Toronto shootings on Sunday. Very classy by Impact. And the blue ring ropes were back.

1. The OGz (w/Eddie Kingston) beat an unannounced team. The OGz came out with the tag titles that are still spray painted. Not surprisingly, the OGz won in a squash. Kingston gets a mix and asked where LAX are. Eddie said LAX is dead, but LAX appeared and got the upper hand. Ortiz had a small axe and tried to use it on Homicide, but referees from the back put a stop to it.

Xplosion Match: Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) beat Stone Rockwell. Kong weighs “damn near 400 pounds” as the ring announcer put it! Rockwell made fun of Jimmy and Kongo saying he helped Ed raise his brother “Bongo.” Kong didn’t take too kindly and attacked before the bell. Kong won with running crossbody. Jacobs added insult by hitting Rockwell with his man purse as he was trying to get back up.

2. “The Bone Soldier” Taiji Ishimori defeated Petey Williams. Ishimori won with a double underhook into a face first knee. They shook and embraced afterward, but they were attacked by The Desi Squad from behind. Ishimori was thrown into the ring stairs outside and Williams took a Sky High.

Impact World Champion Austin Aries was out next. He put over Slammiversary and all of the people in the back. Aries then issued an open challenge to anyone from anywhere for his title. Eddie Edwards came out of the crowd with his kendo stick and attacked Aries. Edwards put Aries down with a double arm DDT…

Scarlett Bourdeaux was interviewed on the ramp. Scarlett said she she will not be held down or hot-shamed by the interviewer. Scarlett called herself “The Smokeshow” and said she is here to make wrestling sexy again…

3. Johnny Impact beat Trevor Lee (w/Caleb Konley). There was a lot of outside interference from Caleb. Johnny won with Starship Pain in a solid match. Johnny got a mic and said it’s great to be in Toronto and back in Impact. He said he wants to be the World Champion, but first has unfinished with Kongo Kong and will not rest until he takes Kongo to Slam Town in the Impact Zone.

4. Tessa Blanchard defeated Rebel. Tessa won a short match with her Hammerlock DDT.

5. The Desi Hit Squad (w/Gamma Singh) beat Fallah Bahh and KM.Bahh and KM teased tension between them. The crowd chanted “Hug It Out” and they eventually did.

6. Brian Cage defeated Matt Sydal to retain the X Division Championship. An excellent Slammiversary rematch. Cage retained with the Drill Claw.

7. Allie and Kiera Hogan beat Su Yung and an unnamed bridesmaid. The bridesmaid looked a lot like KC Spinelli. Allie pinned Su surprisingly to get the victory. Tessa Blanchard attacked Allie afterward for some reason.

8. Austin Aries beat Dustin Quicksilver (w/Anthony Carelli). Quicksilver is from The Battle Arts Academy that is run by Carelli. Aries hit a brainbuster late in the match, but pulled up Dustin from the cover to inflict more punishment. The referee ended the match when Carelli (f/k/a Santino Marella) threw in the towel. Aries wasn’t finished and applied The Last Chancery. Carelli ended up kicking Aries in the balls. Aries went up to the ramp where Eddie Edwards appeared and hit Aries with a kendo stick again. Aries headed to the back.

9. Eli Drake and Trevor Lee (w/Caleb Konley) beat Grado and Joe Hendry (w/Katarina). Drake asked the crowd if he should tag Lee, and said wouldn’t tag him at one point. There was some miscommunication between Joe and Grado that led to Drake getting The Gravy Train on Grado to win.

Xplosion match: Killer Kross beat Josh Alexander.Toronto’s Alexander is also from The Battle Arts Academy. There were “Walking Weapon” chants for Kross early on. Kross eventually won with a Cobra Clutch type submission. Good effort from Alexander, though.

10. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix defeated Dave and Jake Crist (w/Sami Callihan). Sami wore a sling and a cast after his arm was broken. Another great match Fenix and Pentagon Jr. won with Fenix doing a double stomp onto Jake with Pentagon holding him into The Pentagon Driver.

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  1. Josh Alexander isn’t from Battle Arts – he’s been a local indy worker for over a decade, and also worked on the One Night Only PPV from Mississauga in early June. The “Walking Weapon” chants would have been for him, rather than for Kross – that’s his nickname.

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