Jonny Fairplay and Matt Koon launch “The Botch Along” podcast

The following press release was issued on Monday to promote the new Botch Along podcast hosted by Jonny Fairplay and Matt Koon.

Reality TV’s most notorious podcast duo takes on what they REALLY love: professional wrestling. Survivor NSFW’s dynamic duo start an insightful, hilarious, and innovative watch along wrestling podcast!

Former TNA wrestler and manager and Survivor Hall of Famer Jonny Fairplay & Matt Koon (*former podcast producer for Bruce Prichard & Tony Schiavone, current producer and co host for Why it Ended with Robbie E and Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell) have launched “The Botch Along” your companion piece for “The Network content” you know you have to eventually watch, but may need some help doing so. Combining Jonny’s inside experience with Matt’s contexualizing research under the umbrella of both of their over the top humor, impressions, and irreverent observations, The Botch Along is your best new companion to watching content on the network, or a hilarious stand-alone podcast!

“We all know there are a lot of wrestling podcasts, but I have seen from the inside what it takes to have a successful entertaining podcast from working with Conrad Thompson, and have applied that knowledge to two successful podcasts of my own, and I have no doubt that this show with Jonny will be a huge hit with fans, wrestling media, and inside fold as well” – Matt Koon

“Coming off the success of Survivor NSFW Podcast, I felt like I’ve finally hit my podcasting groove. But anyone that knows me can tell you that my true love is professional wrestling and I love to talk about it. I’ve got stories for days and most of them are true.” – Jonny Fairplay

**** The Botch Along drops every Sunday Morning on iTunes Apple Podcasts or you can stream it from BotchAlong.Com ***

Powell’s POV: Two weekly podcasts with Jonny Fairplay? Poor Matt Koon.



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