Dallas Page on the possibility of entering the WWE Royal Rumble match, helping Justin Credible, and Vince McMahon getting back into the pro football business

CBS Sports Local interview with Dallas Page
Host: Chuck Carroll
Full interview available at Sports.cbslocal.com

Page on the odds he’ll make a Royal Rumble match appearance: If they call me, I’ll be there. But if I never get in the ring again, I am so happy to have had the run I had.

On stating that he reached out to him for help and how the former ECW Champion is doing: “I didn’t get a phone call from him, I made a phone call to him. Because of helping Jake, and Scott, Vader, and Mick Foley … just by reaching out and helping the guys, when someone is hurting, they’ll contact me. So I know about it pretty much right away. I always loved PJ. He’s a great kid who just made some bad decisions… I told him if he gets to work doing the [DDP Yoga] program five days a week, we’ll talk every day or a minimum of every other day. I told him, if he gets on track for a month, then I’ll bring you down here, and we’ll work together, and I’ll start to really treat him this time. I’ll actually teach him how to teach what I do.”

On Vince McMcMahon getting back into professional football: “McMahon has always been a visionary. But, again, they’re a multi-billion-dollar company, and it really comes down to the talent. So I don’t know how you do that. But if he’s got a plan… I’m sure he’s got a plan, because… the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Some of my biggest victories have come directly after some of my biggest failures… He knows what he did wrong, and probably wants to go back and go, I think I got this this time. I’m sure he’s going to make plenty of mistakes on the way to get there. Who really knows where it’s going to be when it’s all said and done. I love to watch what McMahon does. I love to watch. Vince is a genius.”

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