12/20 Powell’s Ring of Honor TV Review: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks vs. Rocky Romero and Best Friends, The Addiction vs. Coast 2 Coast, Shane Taylor vs. Eli Isom

By Jason Powell

Ring of Honor TV
Taped November 12 in Lakeland, Florida at RP Funding Center
Aired in syndication over the weekend, Mondays on the FITE TV app

After the opening montage, they cut right to ring introductions and the broadcast team of Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana checked in and hyped the matches…

1. “The Addiction” Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs. “Coast 2 Coast” Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali. The broadcast team spoke vaguely about Final Battle by saying that The Addiction may have found a partner with the goal of going after the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles. However, they didn’t mention Scorpio Sky by name. [C] The Addiction hit the Best Meltzer Ever finisher on LSG for the win. Cabana spoke about feeling for Coast 2 Coast in that they haven’t been able to win while facing the best talent.

The Addiction defeated Coast 2 Coast.

After the match, St. Giovanni took the mic and said the same thing keeps happening. He said he and Ali had been in ROH for a year and had not accomplished anything. “We haven’t won one match that matters,” he said. Ali took the mic and said they have to win their next match or they shouldn’t be teaming together. “One more match, do or die,” Ali said. They shook hands to end the segment… [C]

Powell’s POV: I like that ROH is planning ahead enough that the broadcast team can speak about what happened even though these tapings were held a month before the show. So unless they are doing some post production work, that means that ROH knew their plan to put The Addiction and Sky (or at least another wrestler) together a month before the event. Hurray for long term booking. As for the match, it was a typical Coast 2 Coast match in that they looked impressive at points before coming up short in the end. Much like the ROH broadcast team is talking about things that had not occurred, I could have written that line before even watching the match. That said, it looks like they are finally moving toward doing something with Coast 2 Coast even if the live crowd didn’t seem to have much interest in their post match promo.

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2. Shane Taylor vs. Eli Isom. Riccaboni noted that they would have a Christmas Surprise 10-man match. Cabana noted that it was Hanukkah. Taylor splashed Isom in the corner and followed up with a running clothesline. Taylor waited for Isom to get up and then he punched him out. The referee called off Taylor and stopped the match…

Shane Taylor defeated Eli Isom via ref stoppage.

Powell’s POV: A simple squash match with for Taylor. They are doing a nice job of establishing him as a gun for hire.

The Young Bucks delivered a promo backstage about facing Rocky Romero and Best Friends in the main event. They asked what the trio would think if they brought their best friend in for the main event. Marty Scurll showed up. They had to tell Scurll that they weren’t talking about him. Scurll walked out of the shot, then they introduced Kenny Omega and they all sang The Elite song… [C]

Caprice Coleman hosted a Coleman’s Pulpit segment with guest Brandi Rhodes. Coleman noted that she was the first woman to appear on his show. Coleman asked her about the WAGS reality show, and she noted that it focusses on the wives and girlfriends of sports stars. Coleman asked if there was anyone else to watch the show for. She said no and it’s all about her.

Coleman said Brandi had yet to win a match in ROH. She said she’d only had two matches. She asked if he won his first two matches. Coleman said he didn’t think he won a match in his first year. He asked if being married to Cody gives her an advantage. She said that’s the wrong way to look at things. Brandi said she works hard and wants to work for everything. Coleman said that’s not how things work in pro wrestling.

Coleman shifted the talk to her figure skating background. She spoke about training seven days a week as a figure skater. She closed by saying WAGS Atlanta debuts on January 3. Coleman said he would bring her back after she wins her first match. She said she’d sign an autograph for him once WAGS airs…

Powell’s POV: The usual fun talkshow segment with Coleman stirring the pot a little and including a couple of Dusty Rhodes references. This continues to be a solid addition to the ROH TV show.

Ring entrances for the main event took place. Romero and Best Friends were out first. Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta held hands on the apron. Romero came up behind them and held their hands up to get in on the pose. A cool Young Bucks comic book style video aired briefly. The Bucks and Kenny Omega made their entrance to a strong reaction… [C]

3. Kenny Omega and “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson vs. Rocky Romero, Chuckie T, and Trent Barreta. Omega checked in early in the match and signalled for the crowd to be quiet. Omega and T shook hands, but then Barreta hit Omega from behind. Omega and the Bucks quickly cleared the ring and mugged for the crowd. They knelt down while the fans did the Terminator sound effect and then The Elite members performed stereo suicide dives. Omega played to the crowd. Cabana noted that Omega and the Bucks were not allowed to say it, “but, man, that was too sweet.” [C]

Best Friends had a run of offense and hugged. Romero tried to split them up, but they pulled back and let him walk between them, and then went right back to hugging. Nick Jackson had a nice run of offense that he capped off with a corkscrew dive off the top rope and onto Barreta at ringside. Nick went up top again and went for a swanton on Barreta inside the ring, but Barreta put his knees up. The Bucks came right back with a superkick into a sunset flip bomb.

Omega tagged back into the match and worked over Romero and T. Barreta cut him off with a tornado DDT. Later, Barreta hit a piledriver on Omega and covered him for a near fall heading into another break. [C] Barreta performed a piledriver on Omega on the ring apron. Later, Matt applied a Sharpshooter on Romero and then Omega applied a crossface, but Best Friends ended up pushed Nick into his partners to break up the Cease and Desist hold.

The teams traded punches with fans cheering for the Bullet Club members and booing punches from the other team. Omega ended up takin a triple high knee. Best Friends and Romero hugged, then they teamed up for stereo cradle piledrivers on their three opponents, which led to a near fall. They hit a Double Stomp Dudebuster on Matt, but Nick broke up the pin. Omega and Matt put Best Friends in piledriver position. Nick leapt off the top rope to spike them with his feet while landing senton style onto Romero. In the end, the Bucks put Romero in Cease and Desist for the submission win…

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks defeated Rocky Romero, Chuckie T, and Trent Barreta.

Powell’s POV: A crowd pleasing main event with the usual great athleticism from the six men involved. Overall, an entertaining show despite the lack of storyline progression due to the pay-per-view airing on Friday night. ROH used to phone in these shows or even run highlight footage, but they’ve done a nice job this year of making the pay-per-view weekend shows worthwhile for viewers. Haydn Gleed will be by with his members’ exclusive audio review later today.

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