WWE reportedly intends to run 205 Live house shows

WWE is planning to hold its first live events for the 205 Live cruiserweight brand in January 2018. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com reports that WWE is planning to run two to three live events in smaller venues per month starting with shows in smaller venues in the Northeast during the weekend of January 18 through January 20. Read more at PWInsider.com.

Powell’s POV: My initial reaction was as follows: What?!? The company issued a recent poll to fans that seemed designed to pinpoint why fans are not watching the 205 Live show on WWE Network, yet they are going to take the show on the road in the form of live events?!?

However, I am actually open to the idea if the company intends to include some of their UK talent on the live events. The UK crew has drawn well at the independent level in small doses when they have come to the United States, so I could see them doing the same for WWE. Either way, this is good news for the WWE cruiserweights in that it will give them more bookings. The problem with the division is not the talent, it’s clearly been the half-assed creative approach. If nothing else, the poll that WWE issued seemed to indicate that company officials realize there are issues with the brand and hopefully they intend to make necessary changes.

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