Ric Flair and filmmaker Rory Karpf discuss the “30 For 30” documentary

Ric Flair discussed his viewing of the “30 For 30” ESPN documentary during a feature story in the Charlotte Observer. “It’s tough,” Flair said. “I mean, there’s some very emotional things in it. … Anything with my son (Reid) is always gonna be fragile.”

Meanwhile, the documentary director Rory Karpf said he wasn’t sure whether Flair would like the finished product. “They’re talking in the film about his drinking and how he is a functioning alcoholic,” Karpf said. “And while we’re watching that, he’s drinking! He’s throwing back vodkas. That’s an interesting experience. I don’t know if he’s gonna turn around and slug me over some of this stuff.” Read the full story at CharlotteObserver.com.

Powell’s POV: Flair also spoke about his health issues and his decision to quit drinking. Karpf also addressed Flair’s claim of sleeping with 10,000 women. It’s an interesting read and a nice preview for the documentary, which will air on ESPN on Tuesday at 9CT/10ET. I will be doing live coverage or a live blog as the documentary airs on Tuesday night. I will have more details on that in the days ahead.



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