WWE Smackdown onsite report: Fan reaction to the Jinder Mahal promo, small crowd, dark main event result

Dot Net reader Jared Lee attended the WWE Smackdown event on Tuesday in Oakland, California and sent the following report.

I have been to a bunch of WWE events in Oakland, and this was easily the most sparsely attended show I’ve seen. The whole upper level was tarped off, as was basically all of the camera side.

I missed the opening segment walking into the building but heard a lot of noise. The crowd didn’t get too hot until the main event, and even then only half way through.

The Jinder Mahal promo was a big flop, zero reaction. I know the xenophobia thing is his shtick, but maybe try a slightly different approach in the liberal and diverse Bay Area? The R for L “Japanese” speak got some heat, but more like “did he really just say that?!” heat.

Charlotte got probably the second best pop of the night…biggest goes to AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura.

The dark match after 205 Live was AJ and Nakamura beat Mahal and Baron Corbin. It was short, 10-12 mins if that, and Nakamura went over with the Kinshasa.

Getting a double dose of AJ styles was fun, and this was my first time seeing Nakamura live, so I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy the show, but it wasn’t the best show WWE has put on in Oakland, and way different from the last NXT house show I saw in San Jose a few weeks ago.

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