WWE Women’s Royal Rumble will have Stephanie McMahon as a guest commentator

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Stephanie McMahon announced that she will be the guest color commentator for the women’s WWE Royal Rumble match on Sunday.

Powell’s POV: I’m curious to see how Stephanie performs in this role, though my concern is that the goal of this is to continue to make her the face of the long overdue WWE women’s movement rather than spotlighting the talent.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. Greaaaaaaat….

  2. Expect to hear the word “historic” and other such possible buzzwords during the match.

    …But, hear’s to hoping that Stephanie’s commentary will actually be focused ON THE MATCH ITSELF.

  3. That’s exactly why she’s out there. They want her to be the face of the Women’s Revolution. Whenever there is a guest commentator rarely do they stay focused on the match. It almost always ends up with them bickering the entire time. My question is can she get through the match without screeching or trying to verbally castrate the men?

  4. I can’t escape this nagging feeling that she’s going to cost Ronda Rousey, as payback for Wrestlemania 31, probably setting up a match between the two at this years ‘Mania.

  5. As always with the women’s division it’s one Steph forward, two steps back.

  6. Great. So Steph will spend an hour putting HERSELF over, instead of the talent. And probably get involved in the match as well.
    Hulk Hogan…Road Warriors…Goldbert…they all sold more than she doesn

  7. So much for me watching.

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