9/13 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: Lucha Underground’s 100th Episode, Rey Mysterio vs. Matanza Cueto, Team Puma vs. The Worldwide Underground, El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Pentagon Jr. for the final Aztec Medallion in Gift of the Gods

By John Moore

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network
Taped June 2016 in Los Angeles, California at The Temple

This week’s Lucha Underground intro teaser reminded viewers that this week’s episode was the 100th episode of Lucha Underground. Dario Cueto went over the card of the 100th episode. Also shown was Prince Puma putting his career on the line against Johnny Mundo’s title (for no reason which Vampiro logically pointed out). The teaser ended with Rey Mysterio threatening to come after Dario Cueto after he defeats Matanza on the 100th episode. This week’s episode was titled “Cien” for the 100th episode…

In the opening cinematic, the worldwide underground were looking at a California Driver’s License. Taya Valkyrie said Johnny Mundo isn’t going to like what is on the ID. Mundo comically slid into frame and asked what he wasn’t going to like. Ricky Mandel claimed that Mundo is going to love “it”. Mandel said he found the perfect homage to Mundo and Mundo said he agrees that homages are good. Mandel showed Mundo that he legally changed his name to “Ricky Mundo”. The other underground guys laughed. Mundo threw the ID on the ground and said he’s not calling Mandel that. Mandel said it’s his legal name now. Mundo said to change it back because there is only one Mundo in the Worldwide Underground! Mandel took Mundo’s last statement as affirmation that he’s officially in the Worldwide Underground which caused him to give Mundo a big hug that Mundo didn’t want. Mundo said there is no time to worry about this name change because it’s the 100th episode of Lucha Underground. Mundo said he’s taking Prince Puma to Slam Town. Ricky Mandel told himself and the ID that he’d knew it would work. Mandel did the Mundo pose and said Slam Town…

John’s Thoughts: Little did Ricky Mandel know, that Mundo would end up calling himself Johnny Impact a year later. This also supports my theory of Mundo coming off as Lucha Underground’s Miz. He even has a Mizdow!

Matt Striker and Vampiro checked in on commentary with SlapBak as the house band again. Vampiro was in super lovey dovey mode as he talked about Lucha Underground lasting for 100 episodes. Vampiro said it was time to start drinking because there are three huge matches. Matt Striker said via social media, it was announced that Puma’s team would consist of Sexy Star, Fenix, and “The Machine” Brian Cage. Striker also hyped up Azteca vs. Pentagon Dark for the final aztec medallion…

Puma’s team came out first for the Atomicos Match (8-person tag) to Prince Puma’s theme. Striker pointed out that it’s uncharacteristic of Cage to work with a team, but he’s likely on the team due to him hating Johnny Mundo. Melissa Santos then introduced The Worldwide Underground who came out to Mundo’s Slam Town theme. Ricky Mandel announced to the crowd that his name is now Ricky Mundo. He whosed everyone his california driver’s license. Mundo said Mandel did it without his permission so he was kicked out of the match. Mundo sent Mandel to the back. Mundo said he found a partner that Fenix is familliar with, Marty the Moth Martinez… [C]

1. Prince Puma, Fenix, Sexy Star, and “They Call Him” Cage vs. Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, PJ Black, and Marty Martinez (w/ Jack Evans). Jack Evans is still injured. Rick Knox was the referee for the match. Sexy Star wanted Mundo but got Marty instead. Star taunted Taya to draw her in the match. Sexy star kicked Marty and gave marty a chop followed by some slaps. Star did a matrix move and fired up with chops. Marty whipped Star in the the corner. Sexy Star gave Marty a tilt a whirl headscissors which caused Marty to tag in PJ Black. Fenix tagged in on the other side. Vampiro pointed out that Cage has done nothing but stare at his magic gauntlet the entire match.

Black and Fenix did some nice agility to dodge each other’s moves. Fenix and Black caught each other with a crossbody. Black tagged in Mundo and Fenix tagged in Cage. Mundo ran away due to Cage having the metal glove on his hand. Rick Knox ordered Cage to remove the gauntlet which he did. Cage put the glove in the corner. Taya tagged in and tried to dropkick Cage to no success. The worldwide underground prevented Cage from doing further damage. Taya topped off the quadruple team with knees in the corner.

The Worldwide Underground did their secret handshake. Cage popped up showing now damage. The Underground scurried like roaches. Mundo threw Taya into Cage to slow him down. Cage dispatched Taya and then hit Mundo with a delayed vertical suplex. Jeremiah Crane snuck to ringside and stole Cage’s gauntlet causing Cage to pursue him out of the fighting arena. Puma took Cage’s spot. Puma gave everyone kicks. Puma dodged Black by DDT’ing Marty. Puma caused Black to wheelbarrel Mundo to allow for a superkick to Mundo. Puma hit Mundo with a delayed vertical suplex. Fenix and Sexy Star took out the rest of the Underground with Tope Con Hilo’s. Black distracted Puma enough for Mundo to hit Puma with a Flying Chuck Kick.

Black and Mundo hit a superkick suplex combo on Puma. Black locked Puma in an octopus hold which allowed Mundo to Superkick Puma again. Johnny Mundo hit Prince Puma with Starship Pain to pick up the win.

The Worldwide Underground defeated Prince Puma, Fenix, Sexy Star, and Brian Cage via pinfall in 5:37.

As the Worldwide Underground celebrated, Marty the Moth grabbed Melissa Santos’s hair at ringside. Santos gave Marty some really stiff slaps and yelling at ringside. Fenix ran through Moth with a running thrust Kick. Striker then hyped up Azteca Jr vs. Pentagon Jr after the commercial…

John’s Thoughts: That was six minutes of fun action and they didn’t give away too much between the rivals for upcoming matchups. The Cage glove story even got some development in the six minutes. I’m always a fan of efficiency. The most fun part of that match was the ending sequence where Mundo and Black did some cool looking tandem offense that you don’t see anyone else do.

Catrina was praying in front of Mil Muertes’s shrine. Jeremiah Crane (a.k.a. Sami Callihan) walked in and said he had a gift for Catrina. Crane refused to give it unless he gets a kiss on his lips. Out of nowhere, Mil Muertes gives Crane a spear. Catrina picked up the gauntlet and was suddenly choked by Cage. Catrina tried to teleport but she only became television static for a few seconds while still being restrained by Cage. Cage told Catrina that the glove is too powerful so it inhibits her power. Catrina dropped the glove and teleported away. Cage tried to pick up the glove but Mil and Crane made their way into the scene to start a three way brawl. Dario Cueto crept in from out of nowhere and took the magic gauntlet himself…

John’s Thoughts: That was a nice cinematic with Lucha Underground doing something we don’t see too much these days in LU, actual fight scenes with the wrestlers! I also wonder, Does Mil have his random shrine somewhere in “The Temple”?

Vampiro said he’s out of his mind and it was time for some “big ass breaking news”. Striker was more coherent as he announced that Mariposa and Marty the Moth will be facing Fenix and the announcer Melissa Santos next week. After that announcement, The watermelon looking luchador, El Dragon Azteca Jr. made his entrance for the upcoming match… [C]

2. El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Pentagon Dark for Aztec Medallion #7. The Referee Justin Borden held up a purple pouch to show that this match was for the last Aztec Medallion. Pentagon started off the match with a shotgun dropkick. Pentagon then dominated Azteca with kicks. Pentagon gave Azteca his signature strong chop. Pentagon was shown staring at Vampiro. Vampiro and Striker were silent on TV yet Striker was still supposedly talking via voiceover (which has me suspecting this episode’s commentary was done in post production).

Azteca turned the tide on the outside with a wrecking ball dropkick followed by a corkscrew moonsault to Pentagon on the outside. Azteca dominated for a sequence. Pentagon turned the tide with a simple shin kick. Pentagon then slammed Azteca into the hard camera stand. Azteca used the hard camera area for extra lift to allow for a nice running huracanrana. Azteca gave Pentagon a kick in the ring to set up a high cross body block. Azteca hit a three kick combo followed by his unique hook leg drop. Pentagon dropkicked Azteca when Azteca went for a handstand. Pentagon followed up with a double stomp.

Pentagon and Azteca traded chops. Pentagon had the loudest one. Azteca made a clever reversal which led to his signature pop-up rotation DDT. Pentagon blocked Azteca’s next attempt with a plucky backbreaker. Azteca caught Pentagon with a kick. Azteca tried to do a tightrope but was crotched on the top rope. Pentagon hit the package piledriver on Azteca to pick up the win.

Pentagon Dark defeated El Dragon Azteca Jr. via pinfall in 6:35 to win Aztec Medallion #7.

Pentagon snatched the purple bag away from the ref. Pentagon jokingly swung the pouch on his shoulder. Pentagon then built up to his usual post-match arm breaking. Matanza, of all people, ran in for the “save”. Striker said this showed shades of Ultima Lucha Dos. Dario Cueto ran out with his cage key to order Matanza back. Pentagon walked out of the ring and Dario stopped Matanza in his tracks with the key. Pentagon called Dario a pendejo and shoved Dario. Dario ordered Matanza to beat up Azteca. Striker then manhandled Azteca all across the ring. Matanza hit a rainmaker followed up by a twist gutwrench. Rey Mysterio ran out to stop the beatdown. Striker said Dario sent Matanza after Azteca to send a message to Rey by beating Rey’s student…

John’s Thoughts: It’s tough for a lot of opponents to get over against Pentagon in Los Angeles since Pentagon’s probably the most popular wrestler in the City of Angels, but by the end of that match Azteca was drawing some respect. That was a solid match and one of Dragon Azteca’s more memorable matches to date. The storytelling was solid with a nice clash of styles. Azteca with his innovative Lucha Libre and Pentagon with his more practical brawling. Azteca also showed a bit as to why Konnan christened him as the Next Rey Mysterio in real life. The post match started off a bit odd, but Matt Striker told the story well to clarify things. The commentary is most likely post-produced, probably due to Vampiro having one of his strange nights. I like the post production as it allows for the commentators to tell better stories. Just hopefully next time they do this they don’t show a close up of Striker’s mouth not moving, yet somehow Striker was talking. Just a botched piece of editing.

3. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. “The Monster” Matanza Cueto. Dario Cueto ordered Marty Elias to ring for the bell as the match then started. Rey gave Matanza a huracanrana into the turnbuckle. Rey caught Matanza with an enziguri. Striker recapped the reason Matanza is crazed with Rey, which started off from Rey being the only person to get a pinfall victory over Matanza. Rey went for a facebuster on the outside but Matanza slammed Rey on the apron and outside barricade. Striker pointed out that Matanza lost via pinfall in Aztec Warfare but still hasn’t been pinned one-on-one.

Rey made it to the ropes for a kimura but Matanza powered through and punched REy against the ropes. Matanza ran through Rey. Matanza jabbed his fingers into Rey’s mask holes. Rey fought out of the ropes with a few kicks. Rey then caught Matanza with a crucifix pin attempt. Matanza ended Rey’s rally with a lariat. Matanza slid Rey through the bottom rope to the outside face first. Matanza continued to vice grip Rey’s head on the outside. Striker said the reason some fans are smiling are because they are afraid of Matanza (nice try striker!).

Matanza rammed Rey into the base of the announce table. Rey and Matanza fought on the top rope. Rey bit Matanza’s hand to allow him to hit Matanza with a top rope Sunset Flip Bomb. Rey and Matanza struggled to get to their feet. Dario motivated Matanza with the key. Rey hit a seated senton and tornado DDT. Striker has been calling this match like it’s Rey Mysterio’s last match in Lucha Underground based on his references

John’s Thoughts: I have no clue if this is Rey’s last match in Lucha Underground, but even though Striker has had a great night on commentary from a storytelling perspective, Striker still gets a bit heavy-handed with lacking subtlety. That has me thinking that this might be Rey’s last match and that it might have given away that he loses.

Rey grounded Matanza with a seated Senton. Rey went for a tornado DDT but Matanza stood his ground and ran at Rey with a boot. Matanza then went outside to bring a chair into the ring. Matanza tried to hit Rey with the chair but Rey sidestepped. Striker said Marty is not calling for the DQ since Dario is allowing it at ringside, thus making it a no-DQ match. Rey gave Matanza a basement dropkick into the chair. Rey set up the chair in the middle of the ropes and set up Matanza for a successful 619 into the chair. Rey went for the West Coast Pop but Matanza threw a chair into Rey’s knee. Matanza dominated Rey with a twist gutwrench suplex.

Matanza hit Rey with a pumphandle suplex. Matanza shoved Rey into the corner. Rey sidestepped Matanza and sent Matanza into the ringpost. Matanza caught Rey during a moonsault. Matanza botched the Wrath of the Gods. Rey ended up getting his feet on the ropes, but Dario pushed it off to give Matanza the win.

Matanza Cueto defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall in 10:47.

Matanza was showered with boos. Striker said the 100th episode ended just the way the first episode ended with Dario Cueto’s interference. Matanza continued to attack Rey. Matanza hit a (much cleaner) Wrath of the Gods on Rey. The crowd chanted “this is bullshit”. Matanza put the chair on Rey’s neck and threw Rey into the ringpost. After the attack, Matanza carried Rey away. Striker announced that Ultima Lucha Tres was happening in two weeks…

John’s Thoughts: I remember saying that Matanza vs. Killshot (Shane Strickland) was probably Matanza’s best match in Lucha Underground, but this might have surpassed it. Chalk it up to Rey being the king of selling and wrestling like old school Rey. Give Matanza props for finally wrestling like a full-on monster and not overdoing the high spots. He did zero high spots to my recollection in this match which is so good. Maybe Jeff Cobb could look his match with the great Rey Mysterio and integrate this into his everyday routine.

I have no clue of this since I did not attend the first however many days of Ultima Lucha 3, but based on Striker’s lack of subtlety I think they might have written Rey Mysterio off for the rest of this season. I also remember hearing that Rey might have had family commitments and had to miss Ultima Lucha 3 but I’m not 100 percent sure of that. If this is the last we’ve seen of Rey this season, and maybe for good in Lucha Underground, then he had one good end to his run here with some vintage Rey matches once they put him in singles match as opposed to tucking him away in tag matches like they did in Season 2. This was a solid episode of Lucha Underground. The matches and cinematics did their jobs well and the post-produced commentary clearly told some stories. I’ll have more thoughts on this episode in my Lucha Underground audio review.



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