Dolph Ziggler addresses his absence from WWE TV and repackaging rumors

Dolph Ziggler spoke with Channel Guide Magazine about his recent absence from WWE television and shot down speculation that he is being repackaged. “There is all this talk out there about me being repackaged,” Ziggler said. “I don’t think I’m doing that. It’s nice to take a little break and come back fresh. Not matter when or no matter what I’m doing, I think it will be nice. I’ve only missed a handful of weeks of work.

“After a while you just want to step out. People talking is fine. People are talking about you, so that’s a great thing. Some people’s jobs are to speculate. So, I can understand that. I’m still excited to be in the ring. I still do the live events and have a blast. I’ve been working with the likes of Nakamura, which has been really fun.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: Here’s hoping that Ziggler is throwing out a red herring. Frankly, he could use something new, though the break from television will do his character well. Ziggler also spoke about his charitable work with WWE and his outside projects.

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