8/19 Powell’s ROH War of the Worlds UK live review: Cody vs. Sanada for the ROH Title, The Young Bucks vs. The Addiction for the ROH Tag Titles, Kushida vs. Hiromu Takahashi vs. Marty Scurll vs. Dalton Castle for the ROH TV Title

By Jason Powell

Ring of Honor War of the Worlds UK
Aired live via online pay-per-view at FITE TV
Liverpool, England at Liverpool Olympia

The broadcast team is Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer…

1. Hangman Page vs. Kenny King. King hit his Royal Flush winner and scored the pin. Riccaboni spoke about how King has been unstoppable lately.

Kenny King defeated Hangman Page.

Powell’s POV: Unfortunately, the FITE app and my Chromecast are not clicking for the live show, so I’m relying on my phone. Anyone have any tips? Video from the FITE app plays fine, but for whatever reason it won’t pick up the live broadcast. Update: The Chromecast issue is not just on my end, according to the FITE TV support team, which could not have been quicker in responding.

2. Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero vs. Mistico and Titan. Guerrero performed a reverse superplex and got the win. All four men were friendly afterward, and the losing team stuck around and played to the crowd.

Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero beat Mistico and Titan.

Riccaboni and Whtimer put over the athleticism of Sanada by talking about how he has the same vertical leap as LeBron James…

3. Jay Lethal vs. Josh Bodum. The Rev Pro promotion graphic appeared on the big screen as their cruiserweight champion Bodum made his entrance. The wrestlers shook hands before the match. Lethal hit the Hail to the Chief top rope elbow drop. One of the broadcast team members said it was Hail to the Queen since they were in England. Bodum appeared to be slow to kick out, but the ref called it a two count. Lethal applied a figure four briefly. Silas Young walked to ringside. Bodum rolled up Lethal, who rolled through for a two count. Lethal hit the Lethal Injection and scored the clean pin. After the match, Young attacked Lethal and left him lying briefly. Riccaboni hyped the street fight between Lethal and Young for the Edinburgh, Scotland event. Lethal could be heard saying he was coming for Young…

Jay Lethal pinned Josh Bodum.

The broadcast team spoke at ringside and hyped some of the upcoming matches…

4. Bully Ray, Jay Briscoe, and Mark Briscoe vs. Tetsuya Naito, Evil, and Bushi. Bully had a comical moment. As Naito worked over his arm, Bully called for timeout. The heels isolated Mark. Naito worked over his eyes. Riccaboni sold it well by thanking the producers for moving to a different camera shot, then acted disgusted by Whitmer saying he wanted to see it. Later, Bully did the big build up to his bionic elbow, but he stopped in his tracks when Naito did his eye pose. The NJPW trio set up for a Whassup spot on Bully. Bushi leapt from the ropes only to land on his feet, and then after a brief pause he kicked Ray low. A short time later, Jay tagged in and the ROH trio hit the Super 3D on Bushi, which led to Jay getting the pin. After the match, Naito and Bully were about to bump fists, but Naito spat in the face of Ray. Bully returned the favor and then struck Naito’s pose by lying down on the mat. Naito joined him in lying down in the ring too…

Bully Ray, Jay Briscoe, and Mark Briscoe beat Tetsuya Naito, Evil, and Bushi.

Riccaboni announced a 15-minute intermission.

Powell’s POV: The broadcast team played up the question of whether Bully and the Briscoes could stay on the same page, but it was a straight forward match. Riccaboni hyped that it was a big win for Ray and the Briscoes and pointed out that the NJPW trio beat Bullet Club the night before. Sit tight, coverage will resume after the intermission. Good news, Chromecast works on my end just in time for intermission.

5. Silas Young vs. Mark Haskins. It got tense early with both men trading strikes and then Haskins catching a seated Young with a nice knee to the face. The UK crowd chanted for Haskins as Young took offensive control. Haskins a applied a nice bridging Fujiwara armbar, but Young reached the ropes. Haskins came right back with a Sharpshooter, but Young once again reached the ropes. Young came back by dropping Haskins face first from the electric chair position and ended up getting a two count off a DDT. Young performed his backbreaker and clothesline combo for another two count. Young set up for his finisher, but Jay Lethal walked out. Haskins rolled up Young for a two count. Young picked him up and went for Misery, but Haskins avoided it and performed a falcon arrow for the win. Lethal applauded from the stage…

Mark Haskins defeated Silas Young.

The broadcast team spoke and then they turned their focus to a brief fight between Lethal and Young that broke out on the stage. Referees intervened and they quickly fought backstage. The broadcast team hyped the upcoming title matches…

Powell’s POV: This was the right finish in that it protected Young, added more heat to his feud with Lethal, and put over the hometown hero. The announcers put it over as a big upset given that it was Haskins’ first ROH match. Haskins has made a big enough name for himself that it didn’t really feel like an upset, but no harm done. By the way, the live crowd is just a crowd. It’s a small venue and while the crowd has been fine, they have not been nearly as vocal as one might expect from a UK crowd. We’ll see if that changes now that we’re moving into the three title matches.

6. Kushida vs. Hiromu Takahashi vs. Marty Scurll vs. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) for the ROH TV Title. The real Boys were with Castle and all three men wore their six-man tag titles to the ring. Ring announcer Bobby Cruise handled the in-ring introductions for the title match. Kushida performed a big flip dive that took out opponents and The Boys at ringside. In the ring, Scurll caught Takahashi with a running knee or kick for a two count. Scurll signaled for his finisher, but Castle caught him with a German suplex. Takahashi caught Castle with a kick, then Kushida took out Takahashi with a shot of his own. Nice sequence.

Later, Castle hit the Bangarang on Takahashi and had him pinned, but Hangman Page came out and pulled referee Todd Sinclair from the ring. Kushida prevented Scurll from using his umbrella as a weapon and then performed Back to the Future on Castle and pinned him to retain. Kushida and Castle shook hands afterward while the broadcast team expressed their desire to see the two of them meet in a singles match…

Kushida defeated Hiromu Takahashi, Marty Scurll, and Dalton Castle to retain the ROH TV Title.

Powell’s POV: A fun match with a flat finish. The Young and Lethal interference was fine given their ongoing feud, but it felt like overkill and creatively lazy to have more outside interference in this match.

7. “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson vs. “The Addition” Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian for the ROH Tag Titles. The Addiction attacked the Bucks during introductions to start the match. Later, Daniels went for an Angel’s Wings suplex on Matt, who slipped out of it and connected with a superkick. The Bucks applied stereo Sharpshooters and did the too sweet gesture to one another before Daniels and Kazarian escaped. The Bucks set up for More Bang For Your Buck on Kazarian, but Daniels shoved Nick off the top rope. They performed a series of moves on Matt, but Nick broke up the pin attempt with a Swanton bomb. The fans chanted “this is awesome.”

A short time later, The Addiction hit their Celebrity Rehab finisher on Matt. Kazarian covered Matt, who kicked out at the last moment. Daniels and Kazarian set up for their Best Meltzer Ever, but Nick tripped up Daniels on the ropes and then the Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on Kazarian for the win…

The Young Bucks defeated The Addiction to retain the ROH Tag Titles.

Powell’s POV: The best match of the show thus far. It wasn’t all out Bucks insanity, though they did hit some of their bigger spots and it was an enjoyable match overall.

The broadcast team spoke at ringside about the main event match. Riccaboni said magic seems to happen in the UK…

8. Cody (Rhodes) vs. Sanada for the ROH Title. Cruise once again delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. After some early stalling, Cody went for a Beautiful Disaster kick, but Sanada cut him off and sent him to ringside. Sanada teased a dive over the top, but he landed on the apron and simply returned to the ring. Cody started to walk out, but Tetsuya Naito came out and blocked his path. Sanada set up Cody on the apron and then kicked him from the floor. Cody used Riccaboni as a shield and then took a cheap shot at Sanada. Cody then shook the hand of his unwitting accomplice. Whitmer gave Riccaboni a hard time by telling him he should know better than to get involved. Funny.

Cody dominated the next few minutes of offense and targeted one of Sanada’s knees with a leg lock. Sanada caught Cody with a forearm shot on the apron. Cody fell off the apron and onto Riccaboni, who fell over backwards in his chair. Whitmer couldn’t stop from smiling as he questioned whether Riccaboni was okay and then asked for help. Whitmer could be heard telling Riccaboni to put his headset on. “I told you to stay out of the action,” Whitmer cracked. In the ring, Sanada tied up Cody’s arms and legs and the put his foot on his back and posed before delivering a running kick that led to a two count. Riccaboni recovered and started calling the action again.

Later, Cody tried to hit Sanada, who ducked, causing the Cody to hit referee Todd Sinclair. Ref bump!!! Sanada performed a CrossRhodes on Cody and covered him for the visual pinfall while the ref was still down. The referee recovered and counted as Sanada rolled up Cody for two. Cody applied the LeBell Lock (a/k/a Daniel Bryan’s Yes Lock), but Sanada reached the ropes. Cody stood up and led a Yes! chant. Cody then looked into the camera and delivered a quick message “to you Bryan Danielson.” Remember this moment a year from now. Sanada caught Cody on the ropes and powerbombed him. Sanada went for his finishing hold, but Cody rolled out of it and then hit CrossRhodes for the win…

Cody defeated Sanada to retain the ROH Title.

After the match, Cody celebrated and then took the mic. Cody asked the fans if they had a god time. The fans cheered and the ringsiders pounded on the barricade. Cody said he didn’t have a good time. Cody spoke about all the places he’s been and mentioned Dublin for heat, then took a shot at Liverpool. Cody told the fans they are nothing. “You are not too sweet,” Cody said. He said they are too damn poor. Cody said he wasn’t just there to insult Liverpool. Rather, he questioned who is left to challenge him. He said he doesn’t care who it is or if they are a free agent like he is.

Dalton Castle’s music played and he came out carrying his ROH Six-Man Tag Title belt. Once Castle arrived in the ring, Cody barked at him off mic. Riccaboni spoke about how Castle has had to live four long months thinking about his only failed attempt to win the title. Castle said he was there to say an unfriendly hello. Dalton said he finds it strange that Cody didn’t have a good time and doesn’t like the Liverpool fans because he loves them. Castle said the fans loved Cody until a few minutes ago, but he doesn’t love him. Castle accused Cody of sending Hangman Page to the ring during the four-way and said that’s the only reason he didn’t win the ROH TV Title. Castle said he loves title belts and kicking asses. Castle brought up Cody asking who is left. Castle dropped his six-man title belt and said, “I”m left, bitch.”

Cody put his title belt down and teased fighting Castle. However, Cody leapt through the ropes, grabbed his title belt, and headed backstage. The fans chanted for Castle, who picked up the mic. The UK fans changed their usual “Hey Baby” Bayley song to Dalton’s name and sang, “I want to know if you’ll be my boy.” Funny. Castle let them sing and then said, “That’s good.” Castle said the fans were amazing and “you can bet your balls that Ring of Honor will be coming back.” Castle’s music played and he walked around ringside and touched the faces of the fans and posed for selfies to close the show…

Powell’s POV: A good main event, though it was never convincing in terms of Sanada being a threat to take the championship. This looked like a glorified house show event on paper despite the presence of the NJPW and CMLL talent, and that’s how it came across. It was a show that was fine if you saw it, especially at the $19.99 price tag, yet missable in terms of storyline development aside from Castle stepping up at the end to apparently become Cody’s next challenger, which should be a lot of fun. It’s also nice to see Cody back in heat seeking heel mode now that his feud with Daniels has apparently ended. The feed via FITE TV was smooth, and that continued to be the cast once the Chromecast option started working on my end from intermission moving forward. Kudos to their customer service team for immediately responding to explain the situation when I used the help feature. Stop back tonight for Zack Zimmerman’s NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III live review and on Sunday for my WWE SummerSlam live review. Also, be sure to check out Prowrestling.net Live on Sunday at 2CT/3ET with John Moore and I taking your calls at PWAudio.net.



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