7/9 Progress Chapter 51 “Screaming For Progress” results: Gutteridge’s report on “British Strong Style” Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven vs. CCK, Matt Riddle vs. Walter for the Atlas Title, War Machine vs. London Riots, and Jimmy Havoc vs. Jigsaw

Progress Chapter 51 – Screaming for Progress
From the O2 Academy, Birmingham
By Dot Net Staffer (on hiatus) Darren Gutteridge

1. Mark Haskins defeated Mike Bird. Haskins tapped Bird out to the Sharpshooter. A decent enough start, but it was perhaps the most unimportant Haskins has felt in a long time. He cut a promo after the match about his desire to regain the Progress title that he never lost.

2. Eddie Dennis defeated Ashmore. Ashmore has a “Hip-star” gimmick, which was perhaps the highlight of his showing. He has a good look, but the match had some ugly spots which he appeared to be at fault for. Dennis won with Next Stop Driver.

3. Jimmy Havoc defeated Jigsaw. I was expecting shlock, but this was actually a very good match. They kept the hardcore stuff to a minimum, and instead worked a very solid match largely in the ring. Havoc won with the Acid Rainmaker to make Jigsaw’s Progress debut a losing effort. Havoc also stated that he wants to be Progress Champion again after the match.

4. War Machine defeated The London Riots. Fantastic match. The teams have faced each other twice before in Progress, but this may have been the best yet. It was tighter than their previous encounters, earned three standing ovations during its runtime (topped off by a handspring elbow from Hanson), and ended with Fallout from War Machine. Both teams shook hands and hugged after the match.

Intermission. Dave Mastiff was at the merch stand but didn’t appear on the card.

5. Walter defeated Matt Riddle to win the Atlas Title. This was up there with War Machine/Riots for match of the night. I don’t know if sitting in the front row made the difference, but this was the hardest hitting match I’ve ever seen live. Walter ended the war with a rear naked choke. Riddle handed him the title (which he won at the previous Birmingham show) before Walter got a standing ovation.

6. Damien Dunne defeated Morgan Webster. The gimmicks on show were so lame it made it very hard to care. Dunne has recently reinvented himself as the “No Fun Police”, and it is indie-rific as hell. He picked up the win over “The Modfather” following a low blow.

7. British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) defeated CCK (Travis Banks, Chris Brookes and Lykos) to win the Progress Tag Team Titles. This was a messy spot fest for the most part, that lacked the cohesion of the similarly busy War Machine/Riots match. CCK were goaded into putting their titles on the line by Seven, who said that if BSS didn’t win, they would never challenge for the titles again. After a ref bump, Dunne hit Lykos with a sledgehammer, and Tyler covered him.

Overall this was an up and down show, highlighted by the two killer matches either side of the intermission.

Dot Net staffer Haydn Gleed will review this show in audio form for Dot Net Members at a later date. Members currently have access to several Progress Wrestling audio reviews by Haydn and/or Darren Gutteridge available in the audio section.

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