Jim Ross on the Money in the Bank ladder match winners, this week’s Ross Report podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on The Ross Report: “Recording our 175th Ross Report Podcast tonight with Jason Powell of Pro Wrestling Dot Net. A new show drops every Tuesday night at 9 ET/6PT at www.podcastone.com, Apple Podcasts and on this homepage.”

Powell’s POV: It’s always an honor to appear on JR’s podcast, and WWE gave us plenty to discuss with Money in the Bank, not to mention whatever they do on tonight’s Raw television show. I hope you take the time to check it out on Tuesday night.

Ross on the Women’s Money in the Bank finish: “James Ellsworth winning the MITB match for Carmella was controversial to say the least and one can likely expect that matter to be followed up on significantly on Tuesday’s SDLIve. Ellsworth could have a trip to the woodshed in his immediate future by a bevy of hostile ladies.”

Powell’s POV: It will be interesting to see if they book a rematch for television or if the result simply stands. After all, it was Ellsworth who named Carmella the winner of the match while the officials were still talking at ringside. It was a letdown finish, but WWE could make it up to some fans if they opt to hold another MITB match on Smackdown television.

Ross on Baron Corbin winning MITB: “Apparently, I am told that Baron Corbin was the heavy betting favorite to win the MITB bout which surprised me a bit until I realized that apparently info had been ‘leaked.’ Whether that is true or not, if the plan is to build Corbin into a potential main eventer, then I like what went down.”

Powell’s POV: This one wasn’t hard to see coming. In fact, I made my Corbin prediction the night they announced the MITB entrants. Even so, I’m happy they didn’t call an audible simply because the finish was leaked or fans figured it out. I wish WWE would tighten things up so that the betting odds didn’t give away finishes, though as a viewer who doesn’t want everything spoiled I just simply avoid the betting lines these days.

Other topics include more on Money in the Bank Headlock on Hunger charity, Booker T on the Kickoff Show, and more.

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