Jim Ross on House of Horrors, Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns at WWE Payback, Ross Report podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on the House of Horrors match: “The controversial House of Horrors match has seemingly been received mixed reviews. I did not ‘hate’ the match at all but could see where it might not have been an ideal fit for some fans especially those that were in the arena. These type bouts are often times calculated risks when it comes to presentation. It had some of the Hollywood Backlot Brawl qualities/feel that featured Goldust vs Roddy Piper back in the day. This was apparently a challenging presentation for some fans to embrace but could it actually be much to do about nothing? I was actually surprised that Wyatt won and thought the inclusion of Jinder Mahal and his crew was timely.”

Powell’s POV: Many fans probably decided they disliked the House of Horrors before it even took place. The feud has been filled with supernatural hocus pocus and became an easy social media target. While the match wasn’t for me, I was pleased with the decision to abandon the supernatural elements and simply have the two men fighting in a creepy house. This could have been so much worse.

Ross on Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns: “Another strong outing on a major event for Braun Strowman who is being creatively managed quite well by @WWE. Strowman is a major part of the future of WWE or so it seems to me. Curious to see how WWE deals with Strowman’s popularity considering that he is being booked as a nasty, badass villain. Defiant, young males love to live vicariously through stars that they often times see on TV and if that logic is somewhat accurate, what’s there to dislike about Strowman? Braun is a monster with no apparent reverse gear.”

Powell’s POV: I never would have guessed that the Braun Strowman we saw in the Wyatt Family would be the Braun Strowman headlining pay-per-views today. His hard work, strong creative, and even his cosmetic makeover have all contributed to him becoming a main event player in WWE.

Ross on The Ross Report: “Enjoy your day and gear up for another new, Ross Report Podcast Tuesday night at 9 PM ET with Jason Powell and I reviewing WWE Payback and Monday’s RAW along with other ‘rasslin’ news plus I will welcome old friend and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase to the show.”

Powell’s POV: That’s right, the Million Dollar Man and the Million Penny Man on the same show! It’s always a pleasure to appear on JR’s show and the Payback show and tonight’s Raw should give us plenty to discuss. Be sure to check out Tuesday night at PodcastOne.com.

Other topics include more on WWE Payback, tickets for JR’s One Man Show in Washington D.C. going on sale tomorrow, and JR awaiting word on whether the NJPW shows in California will be televised on AXS.

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