Former WWE/TNA creative team member investigates quirky Demolition Smash Craigslist story

Former WWE/TNA creative team member Dave Lagana posted a new vlog in which he interviews a man who posted a Craigslist ad regarding a 1991 incident involving Demolition tag team member Smash (Barry Darsow). You can view it at

Powell’s POV: The Craigslist post focusses on an issue that a young fan had with Smash back in 1991. A fan yelled out that Smash sucks, then Smash confronted the younger fan while mistakenly believing he made the insult. Lagana interviews the man who is searching for the real culprit, and Lagana also shares an odd wrestling fan experience.

The Best of The Boom features Tony Schiavone joining Jason Powell in this May 30, 2018 discussion in which he looks back on when he went to Ric Flair's house for his first pro wrestling assignment, his year with WWE, his one appearance for TNA Impact Wrestling, and more...

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