Andre the Giant remembered with fun stories, Lanny Poffo explains why Andre didn’t get along with Randy Savage

The news of Andre the Giant’s forthcoming documentary led Tampa Bay Times writer Paul Guzzo to reach out to the WWE legend’s former peers for some fun memories. Lanny Poffo explained why his late brother Randy Savage didn’t get along with the giant. “Andre hated baby oil,” Poffo recalled. “But Randy wouldn’t stop wearing it. He stubbornly said Andre’s gimmick is being a giant and mine is baby oil. He never backed down from Andre and they never got along because of it.” Read the full story at

Powell’s POV: Lanny had plenty of good things to say about Andre and recalled his tearful reactions to being given a deck of cards as a gift. Brian Blair told a hilarious story that is definitely worth checking out. Lanny may have laid it on a little thick as he spoke about Andre never taking advantage of anyone physically. That’s one that the late Big John Studd and others would dispute.



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