Moore’s Talking Smack Recap: Mike Mizanin fills in for Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler complains about Maryse, Miz says that WWE is failing to define Apollo Crews and Curt Hawkins as characters, tables match set for TLC

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired November 29, 2016 on the WWE Network

-“Mike Mizanin” joined Renee Young as the co-host of Talking Smack in place of Daniel Bryan. Mizanin insisted that he wasn’t The Miz and was in fact Mike Mizanin. Mizanin started off by trying to say that Daniel Bryan bigfooted Renee and was a bad general manger.

-Mizanin complemented Young on starting Smackdown. He used this to transition to Alexa Bliss attacking Young’s fashion sense. He also recapped Bliss putting Becky Lynch through a table. Renee asked Mizanin who was the best female wrestler in WWE. Mizanin said Maryse and accidentally said “My wife”. Renee brought up Maryse not competing in real matches. Mizanin said that Maryse’s husband Miz competes in real matches therefore that should count.

-Dolph Ziggler was already on set while Renee and Mizanin were bickering. Dolph wore an NWO no-sleeve shirt. Dolph said that Mizanin had a good point and Maryse won the Intercontinental Championship for Miz. Mizanin said that means Maryse beat Dolph. Dolph said he pays a lot of women to beat him and Maryse didn’t. Mizanin thought that sentence was awks. Dolph said Maryse has done a good job making Miz/Mizanin relevant. Miz wanted to know Dolph’s gameplan. Renee said the ladder match can shorten people’s career. Dolph asked Mizanin how long would it take before Maryse climbs up the ladder for Miz.

-Mizanin said Maryse is there to help and support her husband and help him make the IC Championship the most prestigious championship in Wrestling. They bickered with Renee Young in between. Mizanin wanted to ask Dolph Ziggler if the IC Title has been the most relevant and prestigious it’s ever been. Renee asked Dolph instead if he thought Dolph was better than Miz. Dolph said the title has been a good stepping stone for people like Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, or Ultimate Warrior. Dolph said he doesn’t know any valets that won the title for anyone. Mizanin said that Miss Elizabeth was always around Macho Man Randy Savage.

-Dolph said he was a great fighting champion. Mizanin said Dolph was not a great fighting champion, it’s the Miz. Dolph continued to cut Miz off by talking about Maryse. Miz brought up his many defenses as opposed to Dolph who barely held on to the title. Dolph said he came on set to say hi to Renee but found out that Mizanin was worse than Daniel Bryan. Dolph said it doesn’t matter who shows up on Sunday. Dolph said maybe the “Real World” might come and help Miz win. Dolph said when it comes to putting his career on the line Dolph thought it was the end of Miz vs. Dolph, but there was one layer left. Dolph said there was no smoke and mirrors this time and they were going to beat the hell out of each other. Dolph said Miz could bring 20 people to help him but Dolph has been through much worse. Dolph said he has had garbage thrown at him for 12 years. Dolph said Miz can say he’s a fighting champion but he should do it away from Dolph but on Sunday Miz will be done. Dolph said Miz will go away to complement Renee and watch what real wrestlers do what they do best.

-Dolph left and Miz said those were just words and Dolph Ziggler was a man who makes people believe in him. Mizanin said Dolph is a hard worker but he had to go against the Miz in a ladder match at TLC, which is hardcore and ends careers. Mizanin said Dolph’s career could be ended at the hand of Miz. Renee wondered if Miz’s was also in jeopardy and used Mizanin’s logic. Mizanin said The Miz has never been injured his entire career. Mizanin said the Miz looks at it without worry because he’s confident enough. Miz showed that his notes and it just read “You are awesome”. He showed Renee’s which was a full page of random notes. Miz said he wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror to say “You are awesome”. Mizanin said Dolph could say whatever he wants or talk about his wife but the Miz is going to climb up the ladder, grab the championship, and still make it the most prestigious title in WWE and should still be in the main event.

-Renee Young transitioned to talking about Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. Renee asked Miz if he was surprised at how long Orton has stayed with the Wyatt Family. Miz brought up how Bray Wyatt was manipulative. While Orton is one of the most decorated Stars in WWE but it’s confusing that he’s getting manipulated by Bray Wyatt. Mizanin brought up how Orton’s nickname is a snake and Wyatt should watch his back. Renee asked about Heath and Rhyno. Miz said Heath has kids and has something to fight for.

-Becky Lynch was the next guest on Talking Smack. Miz asked Becky how her back was. Becky said it was sore but she’s going to put some ice on it to go to Sunday. Renee asked how long it takes to heal and will it affect Becky on Sunday. Becky said she’s fought through worse and almost any injury which included broken ankles, torn ligaments, and none of those stopped her.

-Mizanin asked Becky if she’s faced anyone like Alexa Bliss. Becky said yes, and she’s faced the best to get here. Becky said she thinks Alexa Bliss is amazing but hasn’t achieved what Becky has achieved. Becky called Alexa a little dynamite thing. Becky recapped the replay of her going through a table and said it was because of a thumb to the eye. Mizanin said that could happen on Sunday and Becky could lose the championship. Renee Young eventually got an email from Daniel Bryan that said that Mike wasn’t fooling anyone and that Becky will now have a match against Alexa Bliss in an official Tables Match.

-Renee wanted to compare Raw to Smackdown’s women’s division with Becky. Becky said Raw’s division has been televised more and pointed out how every single woman on Smackdown has their own spotlight. Becky said Smackdown was a newer division and can get to where Raw is, maybe by Sunday. Becky cut a promo and said Alexa likes Disney references. Becky said she will make Alexa Bliss WWE’s Bleeding Beauty because she’s relentless, a honey badger, and the Smackdown Women’s champion and will stay that way. Becky left the set.

-Mike Mizanin said the problem on Smackdown is how some people don’t have a story or background. Miz mocked James Ellsworth and said that Ellsworth represents an everyman but shouldn’t be in the same sentence as AJ Styles. Miz then brought up Apollo Crews and said that Crews has a great look but not given a chance since we don’t know anything about him. Miz said all we know about Curt Hawkins is “Face the Facts” but hasn’t been in Survivor Series for nine years. Miz also said Zack Ryder hasn’t been given a chance.

-AJ Styles walked in and said that the locker room despises James Ellsworth especially AJ. AJ said Dean Ambrose is the only guy who likes the little turd that gets in the way. AJ brought up people talking about Ellsworth’s three wins on him and said it was only because of Dean Ambrose. AJ said he would stomp a mud hole in Ellsworth. Miz said he’s been in the ring with AJ Styles and AJ can do it all. Miz said that AJ has star power, charisma, and everything you look for in a world champion, while by contrast you have Dean Ambrose.

-AJ said he knows how ladders and chairs are used and he has to make sure they don’t come at him. AJ said it’s not hard to knock Dean down but it’s tough to keep him down. Miz complemented AJ about getting rid of Ellsworth. AJ reprimanded Bryan for not getting rid of Dean Ambrose last week. Renee asked AJ if he felt bad about taking out Ellsworth. AJ said Ellsworth was a joke and made AJ out to be a joke because of Ambrose. Miz transitioned to talking about Sunday. AJ said we will see how much pain Dean can fight through and AJ has something to prove and will find a way to win.

-Mike Mizanin went over a few of the matches on Sunday and said he was looking forward to the show. Mizanin closed the show with himself doing the outro.

John’s Thoughts: Not a bad episode of Talking Smack. It was not as good at the Daniel Bryan episodes, but Miz really does well in settings like this. In fact “Tough Talk” was a much better show than Tough Enough when Miz got to outshine Chris Jericho. Miz’s one weakness here was he didn’t know when or when not to interrupt the guests, but he was still a solid promo as usual and Renee did her best to try to get the new host into the new slot. I hope this is only a one week thing since Daniel Bryan is a much better agitator, while Miz just annoys people and causes them to turn their backs.

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