Goldberg tells Jim Ross he was humbled by the reaction for his return, Vince McMahon comments on Goldberg’s appeal

goldberg1Bill Goldberg spoke with Jim Ross for a new FOX Sports piece and spoke about the ovation he received when he returned to Raw in Denver last month. “I’m a 49-year-old guy who was humbled as I could be in Denver when I heard the reception that the fans gave me,” Goldberg said. “I left them on a sour note 12 years ago and now I have a chance to return and rectify it. It was very cool.”

Meanwhile, Vince McMahon also addressed the crowd’s response to Goldberg. “The reaction to Goldberg confirmed our confidence that Bill is still not only relevant in the WWE world, his reaction was met with passionate exuberance even after a decade’s absence,” McMahon told Ross. “Bill’s son has never seen him perform and Bill’s wife and son were blown away with the reaction in Denver. Survivor Series is going to be on fire!” Read the full piece at

Powell’s POV: Goldberg also acknowledged that he “stinks” when it comes to promos, yet spoke about the difference between delivering a promo and expressing himself in Denver. He also addressed his physical condition and the story notes that JR’s latest color commentator has played a part in his preparation. There are plenty of additional quotes from Goldberg, as well as another from Vince, who compares Goldberg vs. Lesnar to dream boxing fights.


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