11/15 WWE Smackdown Live Pre-Show coverage

sdpreshow1By Jason Powell

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-The pre-show opened with Scott Stanford hyping the return of Undertaker.

-Jerry Lawler hyped Edge returning to interview Team Smackdown on The Cutting Edge.

-Lita hyped Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

-The team of Stanford, Lawler, and Lita hosted the show from WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Booker T was missing. Stanford explained that Booker was backstage at Smackdown and would be checking in.

-Shane McMahon joining Team Smackdown last week was recapped. Lawler took the antagonist approach, while Lita defended Shane being on the team.

-The hosts discussed the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match and the stipulation that a Kalisto win brings the division to Smackdown.

-Footage aired of Becky Lynch discussing her win over Alexa Bliss. She said she will be happy to give Bliss another shot. She celebrated that she will be going into Smackdown 900 as champion. They showed an Instagram shot with Bliss saying it’s nowhere near over. The hosts agreed that Bliss’s foot was on the rope before she tapped.

-Backstage at Smackdown, Booker T said he spoke with Shane and Daniel Bryan, who said it was going to be a special and “very exciting” show. Booker hyped Edge hosting The Cutting Edge and said he’d have tough questions for captain Shane. Booker said he’s excited about the return of Undertaker. Booker said there might be some special surprises from the past.

-Stanford hyped the Intercontinental Title match. They aired the footage of Bryan telling Miz that he would love to trade him to Raw for Sami Zayn or Cesaro.

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