Anthem and Billy Corgan public squabbling continues

Logo_TNA_dn_600Anthem Sports responded on Thursday to Billy Corgan’s Twitter response to their statement claiming he was out of the company. “We reject Mr. Corgan’s social media comments today re:@IMPACTWRESTLING,” reads the Anthem tweet via Fight Network. “The matter is before courts/public discourse is inappropriate. There is a solid financial plan for @IMPACTWRESTLING & Mr. Corgan’s loan will be dealt with appropriately.”

Corgan followed up with another rebuttal. “Terrible way to start our future relationship,” he wrote on Twitter. “What w/ the lying through counsel + propensity for press releases claiming victory. So when you sent out the press release today and one during lawsuit (which is still pending FYI) that’s not public discourse? Tsk! And the use of ‘reject’ in your tweet! Such strong language from network of fights.”

Powell’s POV: I give a point to Corgan for those keeping score at home. Anthem didn’t need to include the line about Corgan being out of the company in their press release while knowing they have yet to pay him despite a November 1 deadline. Furthermore, as unlikely as it may seem, they know he could opt to convert his financial investment into 36 percent equity in the company. Anthem also has to know that TNA has a long track record of questionable public relations moves, and it feels like their early statements are merely picking up where the previous regime left off.

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