10/30 Lucha Underground in Houston results: Mil Muertes vs. Pentagon Dark in a hardcore match, Johnny Mundo vs. Drago, Matanza vs. Cage for the Lucha Underground Championship, Paul London vs. Marty the Moth

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Lucha Underground Live Event
Houston, Texas at Traders Village
Report by Dot Net reader Chris Szanto

This was a free show sponsored by Cricket Wireless at Traders Village which is a large outdoor flea market. The festivities were to start at 12 p.m. with bell time for the first show at 12:30 p.m. I got there about 10:30 and the line was already pretty long. After a while they started handing out wrist bands for entry to the matches. Outside the makeshift arena they had wrestler outfits and the championship belts displayed. They were letting people print there own custom signs for the show on a big touch screen computer. Nice touch. Everyone outside running the festivities seemed to be cricket employees in referee shirts. On to the matches

Melissa Santos was handling the ring announcing.

1. Paul London defeated Marty the Moth. Paul London was using his new Alice in Wonderland character. Who was creepier is a toss up.

2. The Mack defeated someone who’s name I didn’t catch except for Garza was on the back of his tights.

3. Johnny Mundo defeated Drago in a Nunchucks match with the help of Taya. After the match Drago dispatched of Mundo and Taya with the nunchucks. After Drago left, Mundo returned to the ring and thanked the crowd and invited a Cricket employee into the ring for a pose off. Funny stuff.

That was the end of the first show. It lasted about an hour. Melissa told us to leave and get back in line for the next show at 3pm.

Second Show

Melissa invited out Vampiro out and he said he was the special enforcer for the main event of Mil Muertes vs Pentagon Dark. He said since Dario wasn’t there it was gonna be a Hell Day Hardcore Street Fight. His psychiatrist from the start of season two came out to talk him out of it. He said it was bad for him to be involved with all the violence. Vamp was about to choke him out when Mil Muertes attacked him from behind. He laid Vamp out and he was helped to the back. Muertes cut a promo in English about bringing death to Vamps former protege.

1. Matanza defeated Cage to retain the Lucha Underground Title. Matanza won with wrath of the gods. It was a pretty good match. Lots of near falls.

2. Ivelisse defeated Taya, Joey Ryan, and Saltador in a four-way. Saltador is Paul London’s Alice in wonderland partner. Ivelisse won with the tap out on Joey Ryan.

3. Pentagon Dark defeated Mil Muertes in a hardcore street fight with the help of Vampiro. After the match, they did the Cero Meido sign and left together.

That was the end of the show. Johnny Mundo came back out and teased super kicking Melissa and pulled back and said he was only kidding. He thanked everyone again. He was in true genuine face mode and had a dance off with a female Cricket employee. Funny. All in all. I’d have paid for that. It was that good. The fans were really into everyone heals and faces alike. Lots of chants though all the matches.

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