Moore’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes, Killshot vs. Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship, Aerostar vs. Drago vs. Fenix, Chavo Classic

luchaundergroundBy John Moore

Lucha Underground Hits

Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma: A very good match and another reason why Prince Puma should be in most Lucha Underground main events because they are just plain fun to watch no matter who you put him against. Mil Muertes has also been a surprise workhorse since his last match with Puma and has carried Lucha Underground on his shoulders while Puma was underplayed for the longest time. This match had all the cool stuff. You had Mil being a monster. Puma running on walls. Flips, Spears, the whole works. Puma also did something that no one other than Fenix does which is pin Mil Muertes clean. Maybe that’s what Mil gets for sucking in that Sinestro jobber spirit energy. I hope Mil isn’t discarded after this and hopefully there are more matches between these two. There’s a Season 3 litmus test. Let’s see how they handle Mil after this and hopefully it’s evolution.

Chavo Classic: This is more of a personal Hit for me. It’s Chavo Classic!!! He had “Classic” in his name!!! Though Lucha Underground didn’t call Chavo Sr. that name, I’ll call him that name when I want to!!! I know the match will suck but I wouldn’t mind seeing Chavo Classic vs. Rey Mysterio for some sort of cruiserweight championship to reference those vintage Smackdown episodes from my early wrestling watching days. With Matt Striker calling Chavo the “Swagger Soaring Eagle” last week, hopefully we get Chavo channeling the powers of Hector Guerrero and coming back as the Jack Swagger Soaring Eagle! That Chavo Jr. actually didn’t suck!

Matanza Cueto vs. Killshot: It’s still a bit odd that the LU Champion is opening match fodder but he’s starting to develop into good fodder which is good. This might have been Matanza’s best offensive showing since most of his matches consist of him selling a lot to everyone. Matanza showed some of that aggression that he’s been missing since he debuted. Killshot continues to grow as a performer and had his second good match in a row. AR Fox’s debut was good and not rushed and will lead to some great things for Killshot so stay tuned. Everything here was good. Hopefully they find a way to get the title on someone like Mil or Puma since it’s a bit awkward that all of these title defenses are stuck in the opening match. Dario’s Dial of Doom has been a success though but it just doesn’t need the world title.

Overall Show: I’m happy to say that I’m back to liking this show again after being guarded due to season two’s failure. Ultimately, the storylines are flowing again and they are trying to innovate rather than follow a formula. Lucha Underground is also doing a good job with everyone again. We even got a renewed push of Drago on the horizon based on the cinematics and his spot in number 20. I wonder if they give him some sort of big pin or dance partner in Aztec Warfare. And this Drago and Kobra Moon thing intrigues me way more than whatever her thing was with Daga.

Lucha Underground Misses

Fenix vs. Aerostar vs. Drago: This is only a minor miss because of two reasons. They could have done a bit to tell the story of them being three friends. The other minor flaw was the lack of selling which plagues a handful of Lucha Underground matches due to most of the workers coming from Lucha Libre or the indie scene. It was a good match other than that but totally missable if you just want to speed through it. It had your usual armdrags, huracanranas, and topes. It was fun, but we’ve seen it and will continue to see this match happen at other times.



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