WWE wrestler James Ellsworth on how much he knows about his WWE future, Chris Jericho saying positive things about him

Logo_WWE_dnCBS Sports Local interview with James Ellsworth
Host: Chuck Carroll
Full interview available at Sports.cbslocal.com

On whether there been any talk from WWE about possibly bringing you back after your title match against AJ Styles: I have an idea, but I don’t really know. I don’t think it will be the last you see of me, but I don’t know. They really keep me in the dark about everything until I get there at TV. I have a little hint that it might happen, but I really am 100 percent not sure.

On whether it is nerve-racking: [laughs] Oh, it absolutely is. I’m just trying to stay levelheaded and cool. I will say this. If nothing else were to happen after Tuesday, man, I did more than I thought I would ever do, and I’m very happy and blessed with how my wrestling career has winded up.

On Chris Jericho talking him up in a Sports Illustrated piece and the support he’s received from the pro wrestling community: Absolutely, especially a guy that’s one of my favorites, a guy that I grew up watching and was so entertained by. He started in ECW in 1994, I believe. I was about nine years old, and I noticed him right away. And in WCW, I was definitely a Jericholic as a teenager. He always stays entertaining. In wrestling, he’s one of the best ever. So, to have him helping me out, it’s just amazing. It just shows you what type of guy he truly is. He doesn’t have to help me out, but he does it because he wants to. It’s amazing.

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