Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Dean Ambrose says that WWE would fall apart without him, Carmella wants to make a name for herself, Daniel Bryan wants to “Release the bear”

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired September 20, 2016 on WWE Network

-Renee Young and Daniel Bryan checked into the Talking Smack set. Bryan talked about giving Dean Ambrose his single championship rematch next week on Smackdown Live. Bryan said he gave Dean the early opportunity because it was only fair to have Dean have the rematch before the Triple Threat. Bryan also said he wants the “big title matches” on Smackdown Live like Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler. Bryan also complemented Ambrose on pinning John Cena. Bryan had a red juice this week as opposed to the green superfood he had on set before.

-Renee Young transitioned to Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss’s contract signing. Bryan said he did wish for a civil contract signing. He complemented Bliss for showing fire. Bryan said that Alexa stepped up her game and wasn’t backing down. Renee wanted a prediction. Bryan said he doesn’t know how Bliss would handle pressure, but she has gone for championships all her life unlike Lynch.

-Carmella walked on set and said she was fabulous. Renee mentioned how Carmella invaded the show before in attacking Nikki Bella. Bryan said Nikki was his sister in law. Carmella labeled Renee Young as Sally Jessy Raphael and insinuated that Daniel didn’t care too much about his sister in law if he’s here doing the show. Bryan said he has a job to do and he takes it seriously. Bryan asked Carmella for her goals. Carmella said she was excited to come to New York at SummerSlam, her home town, but people cared more about Nikki Bella. Bryan said it sounded like jealousy. Renee brought up Nikki’s bootleg Nikki Bella comment. Carmella said monkeys in New York don’t want to be like Nikki Bella (huh?). Renee brought up Nikki being the longest reigning Divas Champion. Carmella said she attacked the person at the top because she wants to make a name for myself.

John’s Thoughts: Is it just me or are most of the women on Smackdown saying “I want to make a name for myself!” It just reminded me of Eva Marie’s first ever promo in WWE when she slapped Jerry Lawler.

-Daniel Bryan said that Carmella actually has to win matches but she was disqualified. Carmella complained about being disqualified for just throwing Nikki against the barricade (good point, that was actually odd). Renee wanted to know if DQs were going to get in Carmella’s way. Carmella talked about beating up Nikki leading to her own success. Carmella said Nikki should have stayed retired. Renee tried to talk about other girls in NXT. Carmella said she doesn’t care about the girls in NXT and yelled “I don’t Care” over Renee a lot. Renee tried to end the interview but Carmella said the interview only ends when she says it ends.

-Renee wanted to know who Carmella was going to attack next. Carmella said the interview was over and walked off. Bryan said he liked Carmella’s fire. He said he cared about Nikki but respects Carmella. He said he disagrees with Carmella not wanting to win matches. Bryan proposed a Nikki vs. Carmella No DQ match. Renee said DB has the power. Bryan said he has to run it by Shane McMahon. Bryan said he digs the competition and that’s why Smackdown is better than Raw.

-Renee transitioned to talking about the Usos facing American Alpha. Bryan said that the Usos came on this show before and called themselves the standard bearers of WWE for the last ten years. Bryan said they proved it tonight. Bryan talked about the Usos having to have two matches in a row when they lost the tournament for the championships. Renee talked about the Usos showing a new side these days. Bryan talked about Jason Jordan talking the team first while Gable sold an injury. Bryan said he felt confident making a No Mercy prediction and said he thought the Usos were winning the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

-Daniel Bryan called Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler a fantastic match. He said Miz stole the win by using Maryse’s hair spray. Bryan talked about Miz stealing wins and stealing his moves like the roundhouse kicks to the chest and dropkick in the corner. Bryan said he doesn’t like Miz, but Miz is raising the stakes of the Intercontinental Championship. Bryan said Miz is doing it in his own lie, cheat, steal, and cheating way.

-Daniel Bryan said he was now taking the opportunity to tell people that he’s being held back. Bryan said WWE did a documentary building to his WrestleMania 32 match that never happened. Bryan said WWE refuses to release this documentary. Bryan said he’s asking the people to demand WWE to release the documentary. Bryan told people to send out the hash tag #ReleaseTheBear. Renee joined Bryan in a #ReleaseTheBear chant. Bryan said you can also say #ArnAnderson and wished Arn a happy birthday. Bryan said he worked hard on coming up with this footage.

-Renee said she has to become more unbiased about the next guest. Dean Ambrose joined the set, sweaty. Ambrose said should beat Cena and dared Cena to run his mouth now that he got pinned by Ambrose. Ambrose said he DDT’s Cena last week because if he didn’t do it Cena would drop him first. He called Cena a snake in the grass. Ambrose mocked Cena’s leadership role. He said he’s had problems with Cena before as well as respect, but he and Cena don’t like each other.

-Bryan brought up Ambrose calling Cena a lazy part-timer. Ambrose said it is worse these days because Cena is a lazy part timer and rubs him the wrong way. Ambrose said “in reality” when he passes Cena in a hall, they don’t say hello to each other. He said Cena won’t look back at him. Ambrose said he stays on his side of the room while Cena is on his side. Ambrose said Cena doesn’t want to be on his side because he hangs with the Samoans and Jack Swagger. Ambrose said Cena doesn’t have friends because he hangs out in his jet rather than the locker room.

-Bryan recalled Cena essentially saying that Ambrose has no balls. Ambrose said he doesn’t give a crap. Ambrose said he doesn’t care about Steve Austins, Daniel Bryans, and even Renee Youngs (sometimes). Ambrose said he was going to give some advice to kids. He said when you get into a fight at a random situation, always walk away. If you have to fight, fight dirty. Ambrose said that’s what you do in that situation but not in a WWE Championship match which is where AJ Styles broke the rule. Ambrose said he has to get revenge on AJ now by kicking his balls, running his head against a bar table, run him over with a car, or beat him in the knee cap with a tire iron.

-Bryan wondered if we were going to see a “fight” as opposed to a match. Renee wondered how winning the title would affect Ambrose’s No Mercy, Ambrose said he would have to pay for another bag for his trip to Sacramento. Bryan wanted to know if Ambrose thinks he’s better than Cena and AJ Styles. Ambrose said yes. Bryan said Cena has been running this place for over ten years. Ambrose said Cena doesn’t run it anymore. He said this was his fourth main event of the week. Ambrose said he’s been the go-to guy to solve problems. He said he’s the mechanic because people count on him to do everything. Ambrose said this place will fall apart without him. Ambrose mocked AJ. The music cut Ambrose off as Renee rushed the end of the show. Ambrose said Talking Smack is the best wrestling show on television.

John’s Thoughts: Why does WWE have a pre-show again? This show is much better at flushing out characters and storylines than any other supplementary programming that WWE has today. Carmella was a bit rough tonight. You can tell she tries hard to do well but she hasn’t found herself yet. Carmella sounds like she’s a bad actress trying to play a character that she doesn’t know yet. I want to see more of the “BayMella” Carmella that we saw from WWE Breaking Ground where it was more herself. That might be tough with her being a heel.

We got good Dean Ambrose tonight, and it would be awesome if we got good Ambrose every night. Steve Austin wanted this Ambrose and got phone-it-in Ambrose. Dean looked like he tried hard to try to erase the bad taste a lot of viewers have of him from the Stone Cold Podcast. It looked like he tried to hide a bit of shoot in his work in his comments about Cena and how they fall back on him for house shows and PR stuff. I was also intrigued about him bringing up the real life thing with him hanging out with Jack Swagger and The Usos, where the Usos are heels. I wonder if that leads somewhere because Smackdown is a smart show these days.


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