Ninth Annual Dot Net NFL Pick’Em Challenge – Free to play, win a free membership (or a free membership extension for current members)

You can sign up for both pools at Just click on the “join a group” option and use the information listed below.

The first pool is a straight up “Pick ‘Em” contest where you simply pick the winners of the weekly games.

League ID: 42408
Password: dotnet1

The second pool requires players to make picks against the point spread.

League ID: 42449
Password: dotnet2

Powell’s POV: Both pools run through the NFL Playoffs. The grand prize is a one-year membership (or one-year membership extension for existing members). We will have at least a second-place prize and likely a third place prize depending on the number of entrants. You are welcome to play in both leagues, but we will not pay the same winner twice. In other words, if you win both leagues, you will not score a two-year membership. Rather, you will win a one-year prize and then be passed over for the next non-winner (in the non-spread league). There will be tiebreakers used so that only one winner is crowned in each pool and I don’t end up giving out free memberships extensions to 200 people.

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