Eric Bischoff on smaller wrestlers thriving in WWE, general thoughts on today’s talent

wrestlingringTotal Wrestling Magazine interview with Eric Bischoff
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Thoughts on talent today: “Talent are far more athletic than I ever remember them being, they have the ability to do things that just are mind boggling. One thing that I notice is there’s still a lot of character development, the young talent nowadays are working so hard to achieve a five star match physically in the ring that at the time the feeling gets lost in the process and the character as well.”

On smaller guys being on top of WWE: “The wellness program has certainly had an effect on talent and how some people perceive talent, I think the standards have changed for talent too. You used to in order to be successful as a professional wrestler have to be at least six foot two and weigh at least 300 pounds. Nowadays, you try and find someone who fits that bill and there’s very little people, all of a sudden now expectations have been changed, you can weigh 180,190 pounds and as long as you’re gifted athletically and know how to tell a story and be good on the microphone, you can be a star. It has opened up the business as there is way more talent that fits this bill than the old style. It’s way more diverse around the world.”

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