Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: The Miz and Daniel Bryan fallout, no Miz, Heath Slater and Rhyno join the panel, AJ Styles gives his thoughts on being in WWE compared to other places

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

-Renee Young was joined as usual by Daniel Bryan. Bryan looked like he was drinking green superfood. Bryan mentioned that there was an elephant in the room which was last week’s Miz situation. Bryan said he was apologizing for walking off. He said he shouldn’t have said the things he had to Miz. Bryan attributed the issues towards their chemistry in pressing each other’s buttons. Bryan said Miz knew that he was very angry for not being allowed to get back in the ring.

-Renee wanted Bryan’s thoughts on transitioning to a broadcast role. Miz said he is forced to watch other people do what he likes to do, and Bryan said that Miz was right. Bryan said he thinks he’s healthy and if he did have the guts he would leave. Bryan said he wouldn’t likely be working bingo halls and rather Tokyo Domes as AJ Styles can attest to. Renee said Bryan has health and family to worry about. Bryan said Miz knows how to press his buttons and “they” won’t let Miz and Bryan do anything together.

-Renee said things escalated too far when Miz stepped in. Bryan joked about Carmella attacking Nikki not being equal to Miz talking. Bryan said he was now making an announcement and it was an Intercontinental Championship match at Backlash where Miz would face Dolph Ziggler. Bryan said he was excited to see his Smackdown-only PPV in action.

John’s Thoughts: I wonder if we’ll see Colonel Sanders face off against a chicken again.

-Bryan said people he never thought would step up were stepping up like Heath Slater. Right when Daniel Bryan started cheering the milkman, they were joined by Slater and Rhyno. Bryan wanted Slater’s thoughts on being one step closer to a contract. Heath Slater thanked Daniel Bryan for the opportunity and apologized for calling Bryan Mick Foley. Bryan wanted to know if Rhyno was teaming up with Slater for political reason. Rhyno said he wanted the titles in a dull way.

-Bryan said people were chanting that Slater was a woman. Slater said it was a complement because he thinks he’s pretty. Slater brought up being the hottest free agent. Slater said when he wins he was going to Disney World. Slater brought up Bryan and Brie wanting babies. Slater offered his children to take care of his children for a few moments to learn how it was like to take care of children. Slater said he was feeling the WWE Universe behind him and it is driving him to do so much better.

-Bryan wanted Slater’s thoughts on the possibility of them not winning. Rhyno said he wasn’t thinking about it. Rhyno then said it was personal to himself because he hasn’t held a tag team championship since 1998 and it wasn’t even in the US, it was in Europe. Rhyno said he saw promise in Slater’s eyes. Bryan said that seemed powerful. Slater said they were about to derail the Hype Train of the Hype Bros. He said he was going to train in water aerobics.

-Renee wanted a team name. Rhyno came up with Beauty and the Man-Beast.

-Slater said he wants to provide for his family and Bryan/Shane have offered him more opportunities. Bryan wanted to know how he became friends with Rhyno. Slater compared it to Step Brothers the movie. They then went back to the Slater children joke. Bryan rushed things and wanted to push Slater away. Slater walked out in reference to Miz last week.

-Renee transitioned to talking about Randy Orton. Bryan compared Orton’s staples to when he was head-butting Sheamus. Bryan gravitated towards Bray Wyatt being able to perform magic. Bryan gave Randy Orton credit for being good in the ring as a technical wrestler. Renee wanted to know if Randy has something to prove. Bryan said he thinks that Bray is the person who has something to prove, especially since he wasn’t booked for Summerslam. Bryan also wondered about Bray’s current relationship with Erick Rowan

-Bryan and Renee then started to comment on Nikki Bella’s feud with Carmella. They said that Carmella dislikes being called the bootleg Nikki Bella.

-The next guest was AJ Styles. Styles said he huevos were hurt. He said the Jesus Seam was hurt when he was crotched. Renee wanted to know if it was going to affect AJ at Backlash. AJ complained as to why Bryan’s seat was higher. Bryan said he was taller. Renee tried to get something out of AJ, but AJ kept adjusting his position at the table.

-Bryan wanted to know if this was the first time AJ faced Dean Ambrose. AJ said he never fought Dean on the indies. AJ wondered why Bryan gave Orton the credit for being a great technical wrestler when they’ve wrestled before. Bryan said he broke AJ’s wrist back in 2013.

-Bryan brought up Cena coming a few weeks ago about wanting someone to supplant him. Bryan wanted to know if AJ could do all of the in ring and PR things that Cena does. AJ said he could one hundred percent. AJ said he loves kids and it’s one of the reasons he loves doing it. Bryan wanted to know AJ’s son’s age. AJ said he was 11. Bryan said that was cool since he knew AJ since his son was just born. Bryan wanted to know what AJ’s son thought of AJ now after AJ went through TNA and Japan. AJ said before his son would have to tell people about Japan and no one would care but people were excited when they hear the letters WWE.

John’s Thoughts: You know Bryan doesn’t give a damn when he’s the only person in WWE who would openly say the letters TNA on television.

-Renee joked about AJ stealing people’s catchphrases. Bryan said that’s what people do. He said he stole Diego Sanchez’s Yes catchphrase; except he added the hand things and the “no” was all himself. AJ then was curious about Bryan’s superfood smoothie and said it smelled bad.

-Bryan wanted to know where AJ puts beating John Cena as far as career accolades is concerned compared to moments like winning the IWGP title. AJ said SummerSlam was bigger than WrestleMania to him. Renee wanted AJ’s game plan. AJ said he wasn’t looking past his opponent and was teasing facing Bryan like Miz in the future. AJ said it didn’t have to be sanctioned right? Talking Smack soon closed after that.

John’s Thoughts: This was an okay episode. It wasn’t as noteworthy as last week, but it’s tough following up a with the main event promo that Miz cut last week. On the same note, this was a bit of a disappointing show mostly with Bryan being tame when confronting the other wrestlers. Renee and Bryan seemed to be joking about the higherups keeping Bryan from having confrontations with talent, but maybe there was something to that for at least one week. At least Bryan still feels like he can say whatever he wants with him mentioning TNA and saying that he still wants to wrestle whenever he can. The AJ interview was good, but he still comes off as a great babyface family man in these settings. Maybe he’ll be a great headline babyface down the road, but Smackdown needs heels to that’s understandable. I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get the Miz on Talking Smack this week. Either we get Miz next week or hopefully Bryan goes back to goading WWE talents because that’s what makes Talking Smack entertaining.


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