WWE Raw onsite report: Note on the fan who entered the ring during the Seth Rollins promo, rough conditions in the building, dark main event featuring Smackdown talent

newrawlogo1Dot Net reader Ernest DLG attended the WWE Raw event in Corpus Christi, Texas on Monday and sent the following report.

Due to a power outage earlier in the day, it was hot in the building at showtime and the floors were super slippery, I saw kids and older folks sweating who were not even in their seats yet. They had one of the upper sections half tarped off, but it was otherwise sold out so capacity was about 75-80 percent filled.

The guy that came in from the crowd and appeared to have had a helmet on was pushed hard by Seth Rollins. He was followed by a security guard and a ref tackling him and then taking him out of the ring. He was by the ring along with ten other staff members. When the segment ended, he actually managed to run off by the announcers’ table until another group of security members came from the back to trap him and escort him out…as Jericho would say “you stupid idiot!”

In the dark main event, John Cena and Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins. Ambrose used Dirty Deeds on Jericho for the win. The faces hit their finishers to send the crowd home happy in less then 10 minutes.

Best Pops
1. Brock Lesnar
2. Enzo and Big Cass
3. Roman Reigns (probably one after and during his main event match)

Most Heat
1. Rusev
2. Sheamus
3. It’s tough me and my bro couldn’t figure it out, but the crowd was not as dead as it appeared on TV, yet it definitely was not a lively bunch when it came to booing the heels. The crowd was actually still pretty hyped for the main event.



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