7/30 NXT in Houston results: Finn Balor’s final NXT show and post-match statement, final NXT sendoff for Nia Jax, Mojo Rawley, and Carmella

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NXT Live Event
Houston, Texas at Revention Music Center
Report by Dot Net reader Chris Szanto

Looked to be almost a sellout. The crowd was loud and constantly chanting. Best chant of the night, “let’s go, everyone” in the main event.

1. Mojo Rawley defeated Buddy Murphy. Mojo was very over with the crowd and won with his finisher.

2. Bayley and Carmella defeated Mandy Rose and Daria from Tough Enough. Mandy and Daria got mad at all the hugging and started to leave until Baymella ran after them and brought them back to the ring. Standard match with Bayley winning with the Bayley to belly suplex. Bayley was way over.

3. Ardade Almas defeated Wesley Blake. An okay match that Almas won via pinfall, nothing really special.

4. Hideo Itami defeated Austin Aries. A pretty good match and return for Itami. Hideo won via pinfall with his finisher to send us to intermission.


5. The Revival defeated Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciamapa to retain the NXT Tag Titles. Overall, match of the night, with so many near falls towards the end. Great energy by both teams. In my opinion, better then there matches with American Alpha. The finish came when Gargano pinned one of the Revival for the three count and the other put his foot on the rope and got the surprise pitfall with feet on the ropes to retain the titles. Gargano and Ciamapa got a standing ovation after the match.

6. Auska defeated Nia Jax to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. A standard match that reminded me of there last Takeover match. Auska won via pinfall with a kick to the face while both screamed at each other.

7. Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe. Pretty good match with Finn going over on his sendoff. Before the match, they announced that this was Finn’s last NXT match. Lots of “thank you Finn” chants.

After the match, Finn took the mic to say something but was interrupted by Bayley’s music and she came down to a usual big pop. She thanked Finn for all he’s done to elevate NXT and then called out, Mojo, Carmella, and Jax to the ring to congratulate them on there call up to the main roster. Finn then gave a speech thanking everyone in the back and in the ring and a special call out to Coach Matt Bloom for making NXT a great place to work. Balor said it was not a fun place to work before Bloom took over. Balor finished by saying they don’t do this for the money or because it’s their job, they do it for the fans and because “We are NXT.” Finn is a true class act. And Bayley is a true locker room leader weather she’s the champ or not.


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