Roman Reigns and WWE update

reigns1Today is the final day of Roman Reigns’ WWE Wellness Policy suspension. Reigns is eligible to return to work on Thursday, July 21.

Powell’s POV: Reigns is advertised for Saturday’s WWE Live Event in Wildwood, New Jersey. Of course, he is also in the Triple Threat main event at Sunday’s WWE Battleground pay-per-view.

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  1. Let the ratings drop begin!

    • Y2J has 2 words for you and I’m going to spell them out for you “STUPID IDIOT” …. Ratings droped even more after Roman was on 30-day suspension….

      WWE TV Ratings in Roman Reigns’ Absence (Source: PWTorch)
      Show (Date) TV Rating Average Viewership (In Millions) Notes
      WWE SmackDown (6/23) 1.58 2.145 Up from 1.56 on 6/16
      WWE Raw (6/27) 2.21 3.093 Down 10% on 6/20
      WWE SmackDown (6/30) 1.52 2.080 Down from 1.58 on 6/23; Near year-low
      WWE Raw (7/4) 1.87 2.658 Holiday episode; Bottom-three rating in Raw history
      WWE SmackDown (7/7) 1.62 2.241
      WWE Raw (7/11) 2.28 3.170 Vince McMahon’s return
      WWE SmackDown (7/14) 1.56 2.068 Second-fewest live viewers of the year
      WWE Raw (7/18) 2.22 3.133
      WWE SmackDown Live (7/19) 2.20 3.190 WWE Draft; Premiere of SmackDown Live

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