ACH on being himself in ROH, interest in working for WWE

Logo_ROH_dn_crop600Ring of Honor wrestler ACH spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and spoke about the difficulty of just being himself in pro wrestling. “It’s very hard,” ACH said. “Sometimes it can affect your in-ring presentation and it can also affect how you interact with people in the back. To me, it’s all about how you present it and about how confident you are in your abilities to make it work. There’s a lot of things that people have always told me especially being in the Ring of Honor locker room. I was always told that’s not going to work, that’s too cheesy, that’s not what Ring of Honor is all about, you’re so childish, you’re like a big kid, you should grow up.

“To me, I am an adult. I am very well put together. Just because I’m into different things than everyone else doesn’t make me different than anyone else. Who are you to tell me what doesn’t work for me? I’ve gone through a lot of that as far as the Ring of Honor locker room goes. They’ve always asked me to do this or do that but I’m very confident in that me being myself will work. I always tell people I want that to translate in my wrestling and I want that to translate in everyday life. I feel like in today’s world they tell you that you can be anything; they don’t tell you that you can be yourself.

ACH was also asked about what he says when people ask him about jumping to WWE. “I usually just tell them of course I want to go to WWE but, right now, my heart and my love and my talent is with Ring of Honor and that ain’t changing for a very long time,” he said. “I’m having a really good time in Ring of Honor. I’m just having a really good time in life right now. You never know what could happen but as far as right now, all my heart and talent is with Ring of Honor and I’m going to do my best to make that company the best promotion in the world. It already is but I want to do more on a bigger scale than what it is now.” Read the full story at

Powell’s POV: The only problem with ACH being himself in Ring of Honor is that I honestly have no idea who he is. I watch the show every week and I don’t know who his character is. He had moments where he shown athletic arrogance/confidence, but more often than not he is presented as a guy who can perform some amazing high spots. I am hopeful that his upcoming feud with Silas Young will change that. ACH also spoke about his admiration for Michael Jordan, his favorite match against an NJPW wrestler, and the upcoming ROH Best in the World pay-per-view.

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