Evolve 60 in Maryland report: Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr., Drew Galloway vs. Ethan Page, Anthony Nese vs. Matthew Riddle, Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams vs. TJP and Fred Yehi for the Evolve Tag Titles

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Evolve 60
Joppa, Maryland
Report by Dot Net reader Mohammad Rahman

Before the show, Lio Rush, Marty Scurll, Zack Sabre Jr., Johnny Gargano, Drew Gulak and a few others were out on the merch table. I had the opportunity to talk to Gargano, and he came off so personable. After watching all these guys, I wish them nothing but the utmost success! The attendance was roughly 350. On to the show.

1. Lio Rush defeated Caleb Conley at 10:20 via Frogplash. Hometown kid Rush was a huge favorite. Conley did a great job heeling it up.

2. The Bravado Brothers defeated the Devastation Corporation at 8:23 via Double-team Crossrhodes. Pace started really slow the first two minutes, almost comical, and then it broke out to a complete brawl on the outside that amp up the energy.

3. Matthew Riddle defeated Anthony Nese by Crossarmbreaker submission at 11:32. Riddle looks so much like a Bro MMA version of Kevin Von Erich. Very hard-hitting match.

4. Johnny Gargano defeated Marty Scurll at 20:23 via Gargano Escape. Just awesome stuff. Two pros going at it. Afterward Gargano cut a promo on Drew Galloway and their conflict over WWE’s current involvement with Evolve. It ended with Drew beating up Gargano (without saying a word) before Ethan Page made the save, which led to….

5. Drew Galloway defeated Ethan Page at 10:04 via low-blow and Future Shock DDT. Drew delivered a fantastic promo about the hypocrisy among the wrestlers in the back who are jumping on the WWE ship. I’ve really enjoyed his work as the pure babyface in TNA, and it’s a testament to him as a performer that he can tailor that character into a bitter heel. Drew kept beating on Page delivering multiple Future Shocks, when Gargano comes in with a chair. At the end, Gargano left Page hanging.

6. Evolve Tag Team Champions Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams retain over TJP and Fred Yehi at 17:17 via Dragon Sleep Submission. The ending saw a miscommunication between TJP and Yehi that led to things breaking down. Gulak made TJP tap. Afterwards, Gulak called out Thatcher for having to defend the belt against a member of Catch Point. Riddle came out and said he’s the real champion. The manager, Stokely Hathaway, walked to the back with Riddle.

7. Chris Hero defeated Zack Sabre Jr. at 29:15 via Tombstone Piledriver. Fantastic match. I’m curious to see how it came off on PPV, but great live match. Hero got on the mic and thanked us for coming and announced they are coming back on August 19th to Maryland.

Overall, again great show. I will definitely check out Evolve again. Great value at $20.

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