Roman Reigns on the crowd reaction he’ll get at WrestleMania, whether WWE can have a true babyface on top

reigns2WWE star Roman Reigns spoke with Brian Fritz of and was asked what type of crowd reaction he will get at WrestleMania. “Loud, very, very loud,” he responded. When asked if the crowd reaction will be negative, he said” “It will be probably both. I get a pretty good mixed reaction but whatever I’m doing, they seem to be pretty loud. So whether it’s cheers or boos, that’s what one thing I can typically count on. They’re going to be stirred up no matter what.”

Reigns was also asked whether there is such a thing as a true babyface and a true heel. “I think it’s tough,” he replied. “We had Daniel Bryan who’s just a phenomenal performer. Everybody was behind him, just a great underdog. And how could you not cheer a guy like that? But then we do have situations like myself and guys like John Cena who do get that mixed reaction. I think it’s just a part of it now. Everybody has an opinion. Everybody has a right to voice their opinion. I think that’s what’s so great about this. It’s not necessarily who’s getting cheered 100 percent or who’s getting booed the whole time. We agree to disagree and we all just have fun and everybody goes in it to get what they want out of this. It’s really just entertainment. It’s a performance. It’s a story that we tell. If you’re down for the roller coaster ride, please come out and have fun. You paid your hard-earned money; let’s go out, make some noise and make it exceptional.”

Powell’s POV: The funny thing is that NXT caters to the vocal hardcore fans and they haven’t had issues with fans turning on their top babyfaces. Call me crazy, but it sure seems like it’s as simple as giving the fans what they want rather than forcing someone on them. So if the fans want to boo Reigns, then give them what they want by making him the top heel. Reigns also spoke about what he’s learned over the past year, having a lot of family in attendance at WrestleMania, and more. This is Fritz’s second interview with Roman in a week, so I’m hereby starting the rumor that they share an apartment together.

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  1. Okay for 1, NXT is a developmental organization….wrestlers go to NXT and graduate to WWE. 2, you seem to forgot that roman reigns himself was in NXT before….so you theory don’t amply. NXT bring indy wrestler in their company to make a name…the rules is different in NXT

  2. It’s funny you’re talking about what the fans want….but you’re not reporting his merch sells. Because that describe the actions of what fans want. One retail store reported that he is top 3th behind Cena and Bryan. A marketing study report he top 4th behind Cena, undertaker, and Lesnar. That artist from the WWE said Reigns is constantly his best seller and have most YouTube views. So what fans are you talking about here? The the hardcore fans or the ones who buy his merch? Cause its seem the ones who buy his merch outweighs the hardcore fans…but i can hear how you want people to think. You want people to hate Reigns. But you’re not being fair. You’re like Fox news you want to be fair but you’re not giving the whole details.

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