Jim Ross comments Shane McMahon and Undertaker, TNA seeking investors, a big interview segment

imagesWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on a big interview: “This Friday night on AXSTV will be not only my first New Japan Pro Wrestling show with @JoshLBarnett but it will also see yours truly on Voice Versus with Michael Schiavello. I taped the Voice Versus Tuesday night in Vegas at Caesars Palace in the same suite that was occupied recently by Johnny Depp and that allegedly Justin Bieber spent his 21st birthday. The suite at the Nobu Hotel inside Caesar’s is 10,500 square feet and was more than amazing. The opulent space rents for $35K per night. The Aussie was armed and prepared in a big way for our sit down and we covered many somewhat controversial topics that will likely have some going into business for themselves with their own rendition of what ‘JR really means.’ The interview is edgy and will be a conspiracy theorists dream. (Said with tongue in cheek.)”

Powell’s POV: Great idea by the folks at AXS to go with the one-two punch of the Ross interview followed by his premiere as the voice of New Japan Pro Wrestling on the network. I can’t wait to pick it apart and come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories, er, um, to watch it.

Ross on Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker: “We’re being deluged here on the site and elsewhere including Twitter @JRsBBQ with questions on Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE that many witnessed last Monday night on RAW. Shane’s return was one of the most emotional moments that has been featured on RAW in years. Being asked to cast judgment on this storyline is borderline incredible and I simply have chosen to wait and see how this matter plays out before joining the maddening throng of fans who have either already declared it a failure of the best thing ever.”

Powell’s POV: I’m all for it at this point, but I’ve also said that my opinion could change based on the way the storyline plays out and once the honeymoon period for Shane’s return passes. It’s a special attraction match that has generated more attention than a Taker match with anyone on the active roster could have. That said, I’m still curious to see whether the match takes place as advertised. Will John Cena or someone else replace Shane? How will Taker’s character react to Vince McMahon booking him in the match? There are plenty of questions that need to be answered and a lot of story left to unfold, but I’m excited by the match.

Ross on TNA seeking investors: “TNA is looking for new investors and strategic partners and that is making news and we wish them best of luck in attempting to better solidify their financial future. TNA’s recent shows on POP hae been showing signs of improvement.”

Powell’s POV: If AXS has the coin to spring for the big hotel room in Vegas, then maybe Dixie Carter should reach out to Mark Cuban and company! In all seriousness, TNA was wise to get out front of this story through the media before it took on a life of its own. Only time will tell whether they can find investors or what it will mean if they can’t find investors, but Ross is right about the quality of the television shows. As frustrating as TNA creative has been over the years, they have turned the corner during the first two months in 2016. The premiere on Pop was a little flat and the show before last didn’t do much for me, but the other shows have been good to very good in terms of quality. If you haven’t been watching for whatever reason, I encourage you to give the product another look. By the way, Will Pruett and Jake Barnett spent a lot of time discussing this story in the new Pretentious Wrestling Podcast that is available exclusively for Dot Net Members.

Other topics include more on Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon, JR calling boxing events for CBS Sports, The Ross Report, and more.


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  1. When HHH tries to kill Roman;when Ric Flair trips his daughter’s opponents;when Brock can break arms;;when Kane rt al can pile drive people’s heads;it is NOT entertainment anymore,but insanity.It is time to outlaw the WWE from USA’s networks. I TOTALLY stopped watching the other type bashing so called wrestling for these reasons.

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